Birthdays and Bosses 2014

I often feel in the mood to blog as a way to reach out and update a few of my close friends all at the same time, but I always feel like each post has to be grand and significant.  This one might not be, but I feel I need to write tonight 🙂

But then, when is life ever dull, even if we think it is dull??

Two weeks ago I celebrated my 28th birthday on vacation in Charleston, South Carolina.  It was a lot of fun and we got to experience a lot of southern things like sweet tea, afternoon thunderstorms, alligator swamps on a plantation tour and more.  Even though I am approaching 30, a milestone which is the first that usually makes young people feel old, I will always feel young BECAUSE  yesterday we celebrated Dave’s 35th birthday.  Twenty Eight sounds really young next to that 😉  When I turn 50, I will feel young because Dave will have been in his 50’s for seven years by then.  Dave’s family babysat for us while we had a great night out.  We will be celebrating the kids’ birthdays in just a few weeks.  I need to start planning!

Possibly the biggest news is that my title will soon be changing.  I have been a “SAHM” for 3 years now but am now officially a “WAHM” – Work at Home Mom.  In my pre baby life, I worked as an Executive Assistant and gained a lot of personal satisfaction crossing off to-do lists and organizing my responsibilities.  In my years “off” I have fantasized about someday becoming a Virtual Assistant with 3 or 4 clients so that I can walk my kids to elementary school, go home and work from my computer on my hours, then picking them up and being there for them, like my step mom was there for me after school when I sat down for a snack and got to homework.  I always thought this fantasy was several years at best, if not just a permanent fantasy.  WELL … I do a few hours of work for my Father in Law here and there, and last week an old friend of Dave’s called to ask if he could hire me for 5-10 hours a week at a good hourly rate.  These two clients will be all that I can handle for now while my children are still at home full time, but after I accepted the offer, I realized how exciting it is that my someday fantasy is here, now!  I am now an Independent Contractor who provides support for self employed professionals who prefer to outsource their office management tasks. IT Support, Post and Electronic Mailings, Social Media development and management, Web and Video editing, PowerPoint and Document editing, etc.  It is work i REALLY enjoy!

So that is my big update, please comment or email me with your updates too!



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