Catch Up Light Speed 2012-2013

Wow what a year.

Last year Dave had quit his job and we ran our own business from home, Dave going out to make sales almost every afternoon through evening, and I processed the paperwork when he got home and before he left.  It eventually wasn’t working and it wasn’t our fav, so Dave started interviewing in the fall of 2012.  After a couple of months, the PERFECT job landed in his lap mid November. Perfect timing as our lease was up on our condo in December.  While Rancho Bernardo, where we had lived less than a year, is only about 20 minutes inland from the beach, it was too far for us.  Dave’s perfect job, and our perfect condo were found in Carmel Valley, only 2 miles from Del Mar, the beach we now frequent weekly. Hallelujah!

So we moved in November, then OOPS! In December I got pregnant.  The first words out of my mouth when I got the positive test in the beginning of January were “This thing better be broken!”  We’ll, it wasn’t, but my attitude quickly changed in about a week.  I became very excited to have my two kids so close together.  Fast forward through a very difficult pregnancy that included an ER visit and week long hospital stay for Meningitis (I had no idea how scary it could have been when the Dr gave me the diagnosis), and another ER visit during our New York Babymoon trip for pre term labor at 27 weeks.  The duration of the summer was spent on modified bed rest (yeah right, try that with an active 1.5 year old) but gave way to the most PERFECT birth experience to my 9lb 6oz baby girl in the early hours of Sept 9.  We casually went to the hospital, they gave me the epidural before I was really in pain, the Dr broke my water, and less than 2 hours later my baby girl was born after 3 pushes.  It was so easy, it was fun!   I have vivid memories of me saying to Dave “This feels so cool! This is awesome! I love this!” I never would have expected that.

I was terrified that Adam would hate her, be jealous of her, and throw things at her all the time, but he loves her and loves to give her kisses.  Unfortunately we’re at the stage of being excited about body parts so he accidentally pokes her in the eyes daily, but that’s much better than I was expecting.

Now Valerie is 6 weeks old, has been sleeping through the night for weeks (can we have two Hallelujahs in one post? Ok, HALLELUJAH!) And life is good.  We think we’ll most likely be done having kids since my pregnancies seem to take a toll on my health and I look forward to starting a part time career in a few years that might also help us afford a house someday in crazy San Diego.  Sometimes the crazy part of my mommy brain envisions us having a third, but that will probably only happen if we have another Oops.  I get so happy envisioning our little family of four throughout the years, I really couldn’t ask for more than my Adam and Val 🙂

Here’s to a wonderful holiday season full of giving and love!  I’ll keep you posted more soon






3 thoughts on “Catch Up Light Speed 2012-2013

  1. Loved reading this update of your life, tams! So glad that your rough pregnancy ended with such an enjoyable birth (yeah, how many people get to say that??) love you so much!

  2. Hi Love you. Hallelujah for a sleeping baby! Valerie is such a sweet name. Hopefully we can see you soon–we’ll be in SD in January… You?

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