Becoming the Mom I Said I Would Never Be -AND- 5 Month Birthday

Today Adam turned 5 months old. Funny how when a month used to pass by in life, it was kinda no big deal, but now, what a difference a month makes. I take photos of Adam on the first of every month for his month birthdays and looking back through them today, I am shocked at how much he has changed. I feel like he still looks just the same, just longer and heaver, but when did this baby …

become THIS baby?

He did today I guess, that is one of his 175 photos from today’s 5 month photo shoot. Yikes. I have every photo of my childhood in one photo album, this kid is going to have to have libraries. The fate of the first child I guess.

Another big transition that has occurred in the last 5 months is ME. Fact: No, I have not lost all of the baby weight, that’s not it. The transition is that …

I am becoming the mom I said I would never be

How so, you might ask?

1. I chopped my hair off last month.
After fighting with the long frizzy mess that never got done, I decided to finally do what I have been contemplating for a couple years – a shoulder length bob. I always told myself I would stay the sexy wife with my long voluminous hair, but whatever, not with an infant and no sleep and no time. Here’s my passport photo that we took last month – I’m not trying to be cool, they just tell you not to smile. So I practiced looking sexy without smiling … it’s really hard.

{passport photo removed when I saw that people were coming to my blog trying to steal a “female passport photo” – there is probably an international criminal with my photo now}

2. I find myself shopping for toys.
Remember my minimalist kick not too long ago? I’d like to think I still am a semi-minimalist and enjoy having an uncluttered home. Before baby, I told myself I would be a minimalist mom and not gather a lot of toys and “stuff” – but as I watch Adam have so much fun playing with his few toys from Grandmas, I admit, I have browsed Amazon.com a couple of times thinking about future toys I’d like Adam to have, like floating bath creatures or building blocks. Here’s to hoping I can maintain balance.

Oh and by the way, Adam’s favorite toys to play with today were an empty milk jug and a baby spoon.

3. Mommy blogging.
I used to say I hated mommy bloggers. But here I am, blogging about being a mommy. Oh well, I am what I am.

4. Last and definitely WORST.
I found myself admiring a minivan driving down the street. WHAT?!?!?! I have always sworn that I would NEVER drive a minivan. It was a very cool, black minvan though that I am sure had a TV inside and some really hip decals on the back.

Here’s to embracing who I am and embracing my new, adorable little family every day.

OH and if I left you hanging on a cliff at the end of my last post when I promised to write my story of Adam’s birth next, I wrote it out and let’s just say it was horrendously long and maybe too personal to post on the web. So long story short, it was amazing and a little scary and not what I planned, but so wonderful.

Here’s a couple more photos to hold you over until next time:

And this is what happens when he is sick of getting his photo taken. Still adorable:


7 thoughts on “Becoming the Mom I Said I Would Never Be -AND- 5 Month Birthday

  1. Funny, Tammy! Yaaaaaa there are SO so so many things I said I would never do and I am still surprising myself!

    Mini van yes please!!!

    Bummer, I love reading birth stories!

  2. I loved all your pictures and love your honesty. You never understand them quite the way you do when you ARE one. And so all I can say is… I understand you. Although I need to embrace your minimalist way of being more, I love stuff and I need to probably get rid of a lot of my s-t-u-f-f. You need to come organize my house. You’re a pro.

    Write more posts and keep the pictures coming, I love seeing your blog posts!

  3. That second sentence was suppose to say, “Mommy’s, you never understand them quite the way you do when you ARE on.” And apparently my sentence should have said… “Mommy’s, you can barely understand them,” because I don’t think I make sense half of the time. πŸ™‚

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