Sew your own … Gift Wrap?!?

If I were to write a comic strip describing heaven and … the “double-hockey-sticks” place, I would probably include that the latter should be a customized experience of things you dread and hate the most.  Unfortunately, my list would probably consist of tasks that most Latter Day Saint girls are expected to enjoy and excel at.  Could you picture a little stick figure Tammy sitting at a little desk with a sewing machine surrounded in darkness and flames?! See?! It looks pretty grim.

But I have recently had an exciting transition where I have learned that I can sew some basic things.

Pretty much anything resembling a pillow case.

I recently tried to get my amazingly talented Step Mom to sew a cover for my iPad so I could throw it in my purse and not worry about scratches.  But she was smart enough to make me do it on my own. And it was just that, basically a glorified little pillow case.  After one failed attempt, I tried again and am intensely proud of the result.

Today I needed to fill up my Sunday afternoon with a wholesome activity so I thought of what I needed to check off my To-Do list.  I have a baby shower to go to on Thursday, but hadn’t wrapped the gift yet.  I don’t own wrapping paper and don’t really want to buy (and store) a whole roll, so I had to get creative.  I realized I have a small collection of fabric that I was never going use for anything else and could SEW my own gift bag!! So long story short, here she is!

Notice my crooked hand stitching and mismatched hems? Who cares! (And thank GOODNESS for a little product called Stitch Witchery so I can just iron the hem and not have to sew it perfectly)

 Pillow case!

Gift inserted with a sheet of tissue paper

Tie it up and voila! Beautiful!
(The gift card was created with printable cards from one of my
favorite bloggers, Jones Design Company)

Now unfortunately the gift wrap is more exciting than the gift itself so if you’re reading this Heidi, don’t get too excited 🙂  But how fun is that?! And maybe making gift wrap like this will allow the receiver to re-use the little bag to store something, rather than just crumple up some paper and create more trash in the world.

COMING SOON: The conclusion to my Card Catalog revamp! Finally! It will be done and on here for you to view within a couple weeks since (exciting news!) my parents will be serving a (local) mission starting in July so my Dad is rushing to finish up all projects before that starts 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sew your own … Gift Wrap?!?

  1. It looks so cute!! My in-laws don’t wrap gifts. They actually just have a ton of these little bags with a ribbon at the top and they just throw all their gifts into the bags so they never have to wrap anything. Then they just reuse them every Christmas and Birthday. It’s actually really convenient, and I’m thinking of making a bunch for our family!

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