Card Catalog Bliss!

As many of you know (because I had some pretty obsessed/obnoxious facebook statuses a few weeks ago) we are the happy owners of a new iPad 2.  We have lovingly dubbed it “Paddy” after a week of feeling a little stupid and presumptuous saying the word “iPad” over and over again.  We already owned a “Lappy” (thanks to Strongbad for that moniker) so “Paddy” just came naturally 🙂

Fortunately and unfortunately, Paddy has the capability to download some pretty cool apps.  The best being … CraigsPro+ (Really just a glorified Craigslist search).  I have already sold $80 worth of things we have replaced and no longer need and have purchased 2 of the coolest furniture pieces ever.

On Wednesday, I drove down to Imperial Beach (practically Tijuana) and purchased a Card Catalog.  You know, those things with all those drawers you used to have to look through to find the number for the library book you wanted?  They have become one of the hottest items of DIY restoration and repurposing in the blogosphere for the last couple of years.  They are really difficult to get your hands on these days.  If you do find one, chances are the seller is asking hundreds of dollars, as seen here.  Mine was listed at under $100 and I even negotiated the price down a little because one of the drawers is missing a piece (that I will easily be able to fix).  What a steal!

What would someone use all of those little drawers for you might ask?  My vision is … a baby dresser! Babies come with all kinds of tiny little things, right?  So rather than have a couple drawers with all of those little things floating around, I can have organized (and labeled!) little drawers for each little item.  Here are some before and after pics, and the future concept rendering:

(dirty and sticky)

(all cleaned up and labeled)

Look how many little onesies I will be able to fit in one drawer! Probably about a dozen!

Whenever I finish any kind of crafting project, I always force Dave to “ooh and ahh” over my work – he has gotten pretty good at it and I really think he appreciates my craftiness, or at least he does a great job at faking it, which I really appreciate.  While he was checking out this stage of the project, he saw the drawer labeled “blankets” and looked over at the giant blanket on our couch.  “You’re going to fit BLANKETS in there?! …..  OOooohh, you mean like, for babies?”  I just love that guy 🙂


I am so in love with this piece, BUT I still don’t like the idea that it doesn’t have legs and just is a big box on the ground.  So I have enlisted the help of my dad and within the next couple weeks, we will add a platform with legs like this

or this  

I also realized that since this will be our baby central, there are a couple of things that unfortunately wont fit in the drawers so I want to build the platform with an extra shelf of open storage to fit things like a box of baby wipes or a boppy pillow.  Here is the concept rendering of what I want it to end up looking like:

What do you think?


10 thoughts on “Card Catalog Bliss!

  1. I AM SO JEALOUS. One of my long term goals is to have a card catalog someday, something I’ve wanted since I was like 16. I LOVE them! And that will be so cute for baby stuff!

  2. When I was in elementary school, I was reprimanded one year for a sloppy report. I had to spend the whole summer in the public library writing a top quality report. I used the card catalog a lot. Since that experience, I don’t like card catalogs. But I do like projects, so lets build a nifty base with shelf and legs for it.

  3. Love, love, love it!!! I’ve seen someone else use a card catalog for art supplies, but this is FAB! Do you already have a changing table? After it has legs, you could get a baby changing pad to put on top and voila! 😀

      1. Yep, I’ll post about the other one sometime but it wasn’t as DIY intensive so I wrote this one first 🙂 Glad you like it! Thanks 🙂 my mom suggested the changing table thing too so we’ll try to make it the right height. Unfortunately it is a couple inches shorter than most changing table pads, but we’ll see what we can do 😉 otherwise, the floor is fine with me 🙂

  4. Whoa, Tammy. I’m impressed! Babies do have an amazing number of tiny things that are really difficult to keep straight… unless you have tiny drawers!! 🙂 I didn’t even know you could buy a card catalog anymore!

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