Banana Bread and Other Highlights

For the last few days, Dave has been pestering asking me to make banana bread.  Because he was the one that wanted it, not me, today I suggested that maybe he could make it.

From my spot in the other room where I was lying, reading a book (see below for more details) I was fielding questions such as, “which one of these is baking soda?” and “do we have flower and sugar?” and giving directions where to find each item.  First I was happy with myself that I could remember and describe exactly where everything was, but I also was happy that I was empowering my husband to make something without having to wait for me to do it.

My favorite question came when all of the ingredients were found and it was time to mix them all together. “Now how do I mix this all up?” I then described what the hand mixer looked like and where to find it and the beaters.  A light of recognition came on in his eyes:

“Oh, you mean those things I lick when you’re done making cupcakes??”

As for other updates, this new gig of “staying home” is turning out to be exactly what I was hoping for.  I have the time to get things done that I didn’t before, but also to accept invitations to do new things that otherwise I could not.  Here are a few highlights of my past 2 weeks off:

1. Join a walking group
A small group of young moms from church meet together to go walking several mornings a week.  I am grateful to them for inviting me since it gets me up and out at a specific time and I don’t just let the morning waste away.

2. Join a friend for his flying lesson
One of Dave’s good buddies is getting his pilot’s license and invited us to fly for a couple hours one morning that week.  Dave had to decline because of work meetings, but I was free to go and enjoy the new experience.  I may or may not have gotten sick in my jacket as we were landing the final time, but our friend doesn’t exactly know that yet.  I was too embarrassed to say anything …

3. Spontaneously stop at the local farmer’s market
The local Carlsbad strawberries are amazing right now and I felt proud of myself that I was feeding baby some healthy fruits and veggies

4. Read a book
My dear sister-in-law, Sarah, got me a book for Christmas that I have been anticipating for a while, “The Happiness Project” by Gretchin Rubin.  Gretchin spent a year researching tips and facts about happiness, while choosing a category of her life to improve every month.  I find myself appreciating little things, like the fact that Dave is whistling in the kitchen as he is doing the dishes from his banana bread adventure (thanks honey!).  I also find myself holding my tongue when I have the instinct to say something rude or nagging.

5. Do nice things for my husband
Dave’s truck needed some big repairs after it was broken into in January, but we didn’t have the time to take it in (plus we knew I would be quitting my job soon so it could wait).  The repairs turned out to be more complicated than we had expected so I it took quite some time, and I eventually had to leave it at the repair shop for a few days.  When picking it up, I took the time to fill it up with gas and even take it for a nice car wash so that it would be as good as new when he used it next.  I was very happy with myself for being such a loving wife 🙂

There were many more great experiences, but these have been some of my favorites.  I will continue to post highlights and lessons learned as this journey continues …


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