Beginning a Lucky new Life

I am a LUCKY girl!

I will be documenting my journey of what happens when you receive the gift of 6 months of free time.

With a big thanks to God and to my wonderful husband, Dave, I get to start a new exciting chapter in my life.  Maybe you could call it a short novel.

Chapter 1: The “Me” Chapter

Chapter 2: The “Mom” Chapter

Chapter 1 will begin after next Friday, February 25th.  What does The “Me” Chapter mean?  It means many things.  First and foremost it means: I am quitting my job. Beyond that it also means I will have time to:

1. do whatevertheheckIwant!
2. go to morning prenatal yoga classes
3. walk every day
4. grocery shop
5. cook healthy meals (lunch & dinner)
6. spend more time learning about the above from my amazing step-mom
7. having fun
8. blog
9. and MUCH MUCH more

Does Dave resent the fact that I get this and he doesn’t? I have asked him MANY times and he is probably more excited about it than me!  His reasons are similar to mine: He thinks it means he will get a fresh lunch everyday and not have to eat out.  He thinks it will keep our house cleaner.  He thinks it will give him a less whiny pregnant wife.  Each of those things I do plan to accomplish, for the record 🙂

And yes, I said it! Most of you already know, but I am about 13 weeks pregnant.  Thus, Chapter 2! The “Mom” Chapter will begin sometime around August 29th.  (I’m a terrible pregnant lady, I can never actually remember if baby is due on the 28th or the 29th).

Stay tuned for the Lucky Life Journey, beginning March 1.


3 thoughts on “Beginning a Lucky new Life

  1. I got to be a stay-at-home wife for most of pregnancy, too, and it was AWESOME. I had lots of time to get things organized, cook, clean, and be as lazy as I wanted the rest of the time. I took so many naps! And slept in almost every day. It was great. ENJOY IT!

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