I’m taking the first step

I confess, I’m not really a minimalist

Nor do I think I’ll really ever get there.  I dont have a strong desire to own less than 100 things – I just dont want to own thousands of things.

I dont want to be a financial slave to my belongings

I want my home to be open and uncluttered so I feel like I can embrace new thoughts and opportunities

I dont want to accumulate anything that makes me feel anything less than fabulous

Maybe I’m a control freak

Maybe I’m taking this all too seriously

But cleaning out the “stuff” is my passion!  I have literally asked my parents if I could help them clean out their garage … 180 flip flop from them begging me to help as a teenager.  I keep asking a friend of mine to let me come over and help her clean out her closets.  I dont know if I’m actually any good at it, but I really want to be and I really want to try.  And when I say I really want to, I mean I REALLY want to.

I just need the opportunities.  I dont know how to get there.  I am this close to calling up professional organizers in San Diego and begging them to let me help them.  Even for no pay.

The best piece of career advice I ever got was from a stranger I met on a plane in 2005.  My sophomore year of college I was testing the waters as a Business Major and my GPA was about to hit the pavement.  It was really bad.  On the way back to school from Christmas break, I sat next to a nice man with a heavy Persian accent.  He was heading to Salt Lake City for a photography conference.

“Are you a professional photographer then?”
“No, but I wish I was. I do this as a hobby now that my children are grown.  What are you studying?”
“Oh, do you really like it?”
“Not really, but it feels like a practical thing to do for a career.”
“Take my advice, choose a career that you would do even if no one was paying you to do it.”

So for now, no one is paying me to do it, but I’m going to go for it anyway.  I’ll be heading up to the parent’s house this weekend.  I’ll be posting before and after pictures, but it will probably take place over several sessions since it is slotted to rain this weekend.

If anyone reading this knows anyone in San Diego who could benefit from some FREE organizing help, please let me know 🙂


2 thoughts on “I’m taking the first step

  1. Hi Friend! I could very much use your organizing skills… at my house in Provo. Want to take a trip?? (I’m kinda serious! You wouldn’t even HAVE to organize if you came… although it sounds like you’d want to. 🙂

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