The Book Challenge/Learning to be honest with yourself

Since the day I started college, I have moved once a year … not exactly, but close enough, and sometimes more.  Every time, I pack up the same boxes of books and move them to my next home, where I organize them, make them look presentable and promise myself I will read them.

But I never end up doing it.

This week’s challenge is a tough one.  We all love our books.  But it boils down to one very valuable principle:

Learn to be honest with yourself.
Admit it, you dont need to keep it.

  • If you DO want to read it again, you could find it for free at a public library.
  • If you are keeping it to impress others that you have such a cool or important book in your possession,  let go of the insatiable and unsatisfying need to impress.
  • If you are keeping it because you own a bookshelf and you have the space, so might as well fill it? Let it go – you will be surprised at how good it feels to make space in your life.
  • If you find a book that isn’t rightfully yours, be honest and return it to its owner — Sorry Ashley! I’ve had her Modern Art text books for almost 3 years …
  • (Of course these principles can apply to any possessions, not just books)

Getting rid of possessions is surprisingly difficult – so is writing about it. It forces you to dig down deep into your “un”comfort zone.

Without further adieu, look around you.  Look in all of your rooms, bookcases and shelves.  Start with one thing (or 10 things, 50 if you’re brave).  What are you keeping for an unreasonable reason?

(Wondering what to do with your books now that you’re ready to ditch them?


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