… and then the walls started SCREAMING

(Classico 5, Robert Ryman)

Sounds like a scene from a really freaky nightmare, doesn’t it?  But it has happened in my apartment.

Our lease end is coming up soon and we have been toying with the idea of relocating.  Dave has a couple of wants that our place doesnt meet:

1. He hates having carpet by the bathroom sink
2. Would like a separate room for the dining table, not blended into our living room
3. Again, hates having carpet under our dining table
4. Would like a spot/cabinet/more logical place for the trash

I have a few things our house does have that I am not willing to give up:

1. Washer/Dryer
2. Lots of light
3. A sense (however false it may be) of lots of space, thanks to our tall ceiling
4. The Loft (office/library/craft room/occasional guest room)
5. The perfect neighborhood

So I did a quick craigslist search for things matching our price range and there is nothing as good as ours.  Seems I was right when I thought I hit the jackpot last year.  So there is a chance we may start looking in November, but I think we’ll probably stay where we are.

… and then the walls started SCREAMING!

The thought of staying in the same place with the same limited space and the same WHITE WALLS made me want to go to home depot and spend hundreds on new paint and hire painters.  Is it even within the limit of our rental contract? Idontknow/Probablynot.

A recent bout of gloomy weather mixed with some family drama and probably some hormones has recently put me in a little funk over the last 4 or 5 days.  My mind keeps running to one thing I can have control over – my living space.

So what DO I do with the WHITE WALLS??

I have started going to blogs and finding decoration inspiration.  I found a great room I would like to recreate – too bad it is a beautiful baby nursery and I am not currently “with child.”  And I found some cool benches for hallways and fireplace masterpieces, neither of which we have.

(For the record, I pronounce the word “neither” as “Nye-ther” not “Knee-ther.”  I think when I was about 16, I decided I sounded more sophisticated saying Nye-ther and Eye-ther, and I’m stuck that way.  True? I still kind of think so, but I dont discriminate against people who say eee-ther or knee-ther.)

Please submit your ideas/feedback/support/comments/vocabulary preferences.  I could use it today 🙂



5 thoughts on “… and then the walls started SCREAMING

  1. Hi Tammy! I just put up curtains in our apartment. I got some for $20 at IKEA. That has helped add a new element to our white walls. (Although we are going to have to pay for the holes we put into the walls:) But you could find some colorful curtains to help liven things up.

  2. I would try contacting your landlord about painting – he/she would probably be fine with it as long as you painted it back before you left. Paint stores can usually color match the white on your walls for you, too if she doesn’t know the color. Of course, I would only paint if you’re planning on staying another year since it’s a big fat pain in the butt (but it looks great when you’re done!).

    Rick and I painted because we couldn’t stand the white walls either 🙂

  3. You could try Wall Decals. They are either vinyl or a cling type material that you put on the wall and then take them down when you move without damaging or having to repaint the walls. They will add a splash of color to the walls and you can do some fun patterns and designs to make it your own look. Try searching on or google “wall decals”. You could even get a bunch of diamond shaped ones and do a harlequin pattern on one entire accent wall. Have fun!

  4. Hi Tammy!

    So, I stumbled upon your blog via my facebook feed. I saw the adorable photo of you with your (former) bike and couldn’t resist checking out what you had to say. Can I just say that, based on the few blog entries of yours I’ve read so far, I think we are actually A LOT alike! I had a very similar experience in August with my beach cruiser, but I handled it differently given a similar resistance to getting rid of THINGS. Maybe I should blog about it, since I actually learned a lot about myself through my potential loss-of-bike experience!

    But anyway, about the walls… I saw an idea on The Early Show yesterday that may intrigue you. I know it did me! There’s actually a way to simply paint faux wainscotting on all your walls or even just as an accent wall. Here’s the “how to” video:

    Good luck and enjoy! I am thinking of trying it myself so let me know what you decide to do! I’d love to compare ideas! =)

    P.S. It was so great to see you guys at the wedding! Jeff and I are both really happy you made it, and we hope to catch up again when we’re in SoCal this summer!

    1. Thanks for the video Kim! I’ll watch it as soon as I get home 🙂 I hope we do hang out when you guys come out here – it’s a shame that we live so far away! And I think you should definitely blog about your [almost] loss of bike experience, I’d love to read it 🙂 🙂

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