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Dave’s Birthday Vacation

Photo blog of our weekend trip, Aug 13-15 2010

Friday the 13th, crossed the border into Mexico

Beautiful views on the way down, surprised by the amount of half finished construction

A warm greeting as we got close to our destination 1 mi south of Puerto Nuevo

The house we were staying at was right along the coastline down the way a little in this photo

We spent most of our time relaxing in the living room, catching up on reading and naps.  Check out the view!

I couldn’t resist taking a soak in this tub!

I spent the weekend coveting the painted ceramic ware in the house and decided to set out and get my own mexican tissue box cover – a necessity that every girl needs, right?  Sadly, couldn’t find one as good as our friend’s here but did find a great flower pot.

Saturday evening we headed to Puerto Nuevo to eat some famous lobster!

First we got haggled along this street: “heeeey muchachos, come, buy some stuff you don’t neeeed”

La Langosta! Que deliciosa.  (Okay, I confess. I “borrowed” this photo from the internet – dave laughed his head off when he saw i accidentally posted a pic with a Dos Equis on the table.  Geeze Dave!)

Overall, a relaxing and great weekend in Mexico.  Happy 31st Birthday Dave!


2 thoughts on “Dave’s Birthday Vacation

  1. How wonderful! Now both mine and your last posts are about Mexico!!! I just wish there was a photo of you and Dave! Did you actually go down or just get these pics from the internet?!!! haha.

  2. Haha, 80% of those pics are mine. We are really bad about getting pics of ourselves when we go places because it’s just the two of us so no one to take our picture together. I will try to get more of us in it 🙂

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