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“Congratulations Caller 25!”

A couple weeks ago, on my way to work, one of my new favorite stations (plug for Sophie 103.7) played a new-ish song by Colbie Caillat that I realized I liked (“I Never Told You”).  After the song ended, they announced that I, yes I, could win tickets to a small “Sophie’s Lounge” concert just by being caller 25.  I thought, hey, I like that song, why not try? So I dialed.


Dial Again.


Hmm … I wonder if it only rings if you are the winner?

“Congratulations, you’re caller 25!”

Sad to admit, I wasnt one of those girls who you hear on the radio (that are so fun to listen to) that screamed and flipped out and almost started crying she was so excited.  I said thanks and they proceeded a long question and answer session about my contact information so I couldnt turn the radio back on to hear if I actually was on the air – probably not with my lackluster enthusiasm.

Though, I was really excited.

I called Dave right away and told him I had won, and asked if he wanted to go.  Caveat – the concert was at 1pm on a Tuesday.  He thought about it for a minute and said, “Actually, I think I’ll pass, but thanks.”  My response? “Good, then I can invite my girlfriends!” Sorry Dave, I didnt mean to make you feel unwanted 🙂

Luckily, Erika, Maelyn and Roxanne WERE all available at the random time and we went and smoozzzed and laughed and paparazzi photo-ed (more of ourselves thinking we were awesome).  Here are some of the professional pics that their photographer took and put on their website.  I have yet to unload the ones on my camera.

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If you want to see more, click here 🙂


4 thoughts on ““Congratulations Caller 25!”

  1. This was SO fabulous. Sex in the City much? Shirley Temples? Check! Thanks again for thinking of us girls–what a miracle that we all were available!

  2. Seriously. That rocks!! Way to be a totally celebrity and possibly the most gifted ticket-winner I know! Your life is GREAT!

  3. Just came aross this post. I’m the music director for Sophie@103.7. So glad you had a good time. We will be airing the Late Night In Sophie’s Lounge that we recorded August 13 at 11pm on Fox 5. Thanks for listening!!!!!

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