Life Updates


Sometimes I’ll be going about daily life and then have a sudden realization of something I already knew…

This weekend I went on a great vacation with Dave’s family (parents, 2 sisters, brother in law and niece).  We stayed at a beach house in Ventura, CA (just north of LA).  It was a lot of relaxing and playing – surfing, boogieboarding, kayaking, sand castling, games, etc.  Dave would flip flop back and forth between wanting to lounge and nap, but then go 100 miles an hour.  He was the instigator of 2 almost catastrophic kayaking adventures (luckily I was not the one who volunteered to ride along either time), surfing every day, etc.  He had so much fun doing these cool things.

Then it hit me.  This cool, athletic, incredibly attractive and smart man married me!  We live together!  He wants to be with me forever!  Wow.  It still boggles my mind.   I asked him yesterday as we were driving home if this mini-amnesia ever happens to him – he said not really, he doesn’t forget.

I guess I am just overwhelmed with gratitude for him today.  I have had some family drama, you might call it that, this past week and I am so grateful for Dave helping me figure out my thoughts and helping me feel like I am in control of my life and future, even when others around me are doing things that surprise and upset me.

So there’s a less witty post, but I just wanted to share my deepest thoughts with my closest friends who read my blog 🙂

Once I get them, I’ll post some pictures from our vacation


2 thoughts on “Mini-Amnesia

  1. I can relate to your emotions. Sometimes I wonder if I fooled Dan into marrying me, or something like that, because he is so great.

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