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Fail – Try again

So the meal planning thing worked for a week, then stopped when I didnt get around to printing another weekly meal calendar.  Oops.

Still 10 lbs from where I’d like to be, so I came up with a new, and probably better, plan.

Along with eating more vegetables, I have decided to go walking every morning.  The idea of going jogging in the morning doesn’t sound fun, but I could handle walking!  And just ask Dave, or some coworkers, or anyone who has complained that I am walking ahead of them … I walk fast, so I figure that should do me some good!

They say that every goal is better realized when you tell someone else your plan so they can help you stick to it.  So I told Dave I plan to wake up 1/2 hour earlier every day and go walking.  He laughed.  Laughed!  He then said, resolutely, “How about we make a deal – I’ll give you a dollar every time you go, and you give me 25 cents every time you don’t.  I think I could get rich off of this.”

Thanks for the support honey.

So I started it out this morning and had a good time.  I plugged in my iPod and walked along the cute path through the walking park by our house (that we already jog through often in the evenings).  I had a great time saying hi (or buenos dias!) to all of the gardeners (I have never seen a neighborhood with more gardeners, and every day! It is almost like BYU campus or Temple Square in Salt Lake City).  Also, everyone in our neighborhood has a cute, well-bred dog, it seems.  I saw two beautiful scotty dogs this morning.  I’ll take my camera soon and start snapping photos of this daily adventure 🙂  Here’s a photo I borrowed from the internet of the adorable path:

Speaking of which, I recently bit the bullet and replaced my lost, small digital camera (I still have my big one, but it is a pain to lug around for little outings).  Here’s a poll – what kind of pictures would you like to see from me?  I’ll post whatever is requested 🙂


2 thoughts on “Fail – Try again

  1. Tammy! Way to be active! I love going for walks. Looks like you have a beautiful place to go. I love your new picture as well:) I’m sorry your wedding pictures didn’t turn out like you wanted them to. What happened? I swear I had about 100 pictures taken with me in them, and I wasn’t even in the wedding party…those photographers were everywhere! Even if you have 5 pictures you love, that’s all you need. I mostly only see the ones I’ve framed around the house and hardly ever pull out the big album. You guys are so photogenic I’m sure 5 won’t be tough to find.

    I’d love to see pictures of your apartment, you and Dave on your grand adventures, and anything with the beach in it (and some wedding pics):) I’ll be better, too, about taking my camera with me.

  2. Tam! So I notice now that this post is a little old, but my resolution is ALSO to go walking in the mornings because I also don’t want to run and it is so dang hot that if I don’t go in the morning I can’t go at all. Maybe (if you’re still at–no shame if you’re not) we can coax each other on!

    I have no business requesting pictures since I haven’t even posted a blog post in months, but any would be terrif!!

    Thanks for giving me some great Sunday evening reading! I love hearing about your life. (And you too, all you other beautiful roommates who may be reading along 🙂



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