I have an OBSession CONFession


Something about paper just drives me wild.  I wouldn’t be comfortable saying that I love paper.  Loving something is largely a conscious decision.  What I have is a deep, irrational perception of NEED and KEEP and SAVE and WANT.  Is it possible that I lust after paper?

And I’m not the only one.  Take a moment, open another tab and do a quick google search for “Obsessed with paper” or “Paper Obsession” (the latter is a real doozie).

While scrapbooking doesn’t interest me (why use paper to put in a book that only gets looked at once every few years?!) many other paper crafts do.

1. Card making (my favorite secret will be its own blog post when I get the materials to set up a light box to snap some pictures of my favorite finished products)

2. Using paper to beautify everyday items into cute, useful things.  See this example – all you need is a cleaned out can of corn, beans, pears, you name it, and some scrapbooking paper, wallpaper, etc.

Speaking of wallpaper, this is my next project (the husband doesnt even know about this one yet).  Found on design*sponge – paint an old filing cabinet, then remove the drawers and cover with wallpaper (did you know you can buy this beautiful wallpaper sample for $5 at Sherwin Williams?)

The gray sample seen on this filing cabinet, plus this adorable bird-cage paper, are on their way to my house to be turned into their equally adorable projects.

That’s where it gets a little scary – I’m embarrassed to tell my husband about each new little project I am doing, because I worry that it might be going a little out of control.  I spent one evening this week cutting up old magazines that I was trying to get rid of but couldn’t spare loosing some of my favorite decorating ideas and he just smiled at me and told me how adorable it was that I was cutting things up to make a book of ideas for our future house.  Adorable, like a 5-year-old?

5-year-olds like to cut paper too.

Maybe I am rebelling against growing up by making

“cutting and pasting”

one of my favorite hobbies.


2 thoughts on “I have an OBSession CONFession

  1. HAH! Just read your post and laughed out loud. I love you and I miss you very much. Let’s live someday by the sea… oh wait–you do!!

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