Emergency Preparedness

In light of recent events, which literally hit home this weekend (I woke up at 4:15am thinking someone was walking on our roof – really it was just an aftershock of yesterday’s bigger quake), Dave and I are having an Emergency Preparedness night tonight.  We are going to plan several things.

#1 – Two backpacks with an extra set of clothes – some old jeans and tennis shoes are a must, in case we have to grab and go in the middle of the night.  A couple bottles of water will go in, as well as some small 72 hour kits  that Dave has bought on previous preparedness kicks (these have food for a few days, supposedly).  I should be responsible and go purchase some light weight flash lights to put in these backpacks (my mag light is cool, but if I have to walk 20 miles to my parents house or something, I don’t want to be lugging those D sized batteries).  My zip-in-it’s-own-pouch rain jacket would probably be a good addition.  I think Dave has a poncho as well.  This will be a good start for our emergency backpacks.  Any other suggestions? Maybe some TP.  Oh and a first aid kit would probably be good …

#2 – We are going to make a list in an easily accessible place with all of our important things we want to grab in case we have 2 minutes to evacuate our house.  In the heated moment, I might not remember those things that are most important – Dave repeated some advice that he has heard to make a list (if you have a bigger house a list for each room would be good, but for our 1-1/2 bedroom condo, one list should be enough.)

#3 – I have realized that we dont have a central location for our important documents and since we have moved in together, they are kind of floating around in uncertain locations.  I am going to purchase a small, carryable file-box.  The current decision is fire proof or not?  The highly rated fireproof ones I have found are heavy and dont have handles.  I found a highly rated one that ISNT fireproof, but is light and has a handle.  Still deciding on what is most beneficial.  Unless it is an unexpected house fire, our southern california fires usually come with evacuation warnings (especially in our area) so we’d most likely be able to grab something and go.  Does it matter if it is really fire proof?  I like the looks of this one (found at: http://www.amazon.com/Master-Lock-7148D-Locking-Security/dp/B002ONB4GA/ref=pd_cp_hi_1)

This is the beginning to our emergency preparedness, which we feel pretty good about.  We also have some food storage under our bed (thank you Costco flats of canned green beans, corn and bottled water) and some #10 cans of dried food in our kitchen.  We’re not sure how far we are going to get with food storage in our small place, but it is a good start!

Here are some good sites to review as well:






3 thoughts on “Emergency Preparedness

  1. You might want to be careful about putting all of your documents in a box that is easily carried away. Although it will be easy for you to carry out in an emergency, it will also be easy for a thief to carry away if someone were to break in. What we’ve done is have a fire-proof safe that is bolted to the wall. We keep our safe well organized and clean so in case of an emergency we can easily open and take all the documents out, but it isn’t easily budged otherwise. Something to consider —

    glad to hear you and Dave are getting prepared! Very smart!

  2. You should add a fixed blade knife, a few bic lighters, and something for tinder to both yours and your husbands packs.You’d be amazed what a difference those few items will make in a jam.

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