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Condowife Extra-ordinare

Since I am now a “housewife” – or I guess technically a “condowife” – I am getting into fun new hobbies and am really excited that I am enjoying them 🙂

This weekend Debbie (my step mom) and I went shopping for bedspreads and tablecloths for my new little place and were only partially successful. I decided to buy large squares of fabric and hem them to make my own table cloths so that I would get exactly the colors I wanted, not just what the other stores happened to have. Lesson Learned: Stitching by hand takes a long time.

I am also getting ready to throw a bridal shower for my bff Rachel next weekend, the 27th, and am trying to practice decorating cupcakes. My first attempt was bad because I used frosting from a can and food coloring from a box. I’m learning I need to make my own frosting to get a better consistency and if I decide to get picky about the colors, I have to buy the nicer, darker coloring. I think I am going to try some out tonight.  Here are a couple of videos that are getting me inspired to decorate ~­om/watch?v=Vfbh1UaZSe­0­om/watch?v=hmX9lSQUc6­E&feature=related

Here’s hoping they turn out okay. Maybe I’ll post some pictures later

Last but not least, the furniture purchasing is complete.  I have furnished our living/dining room for just under $100 with craigslist expertise.  Victory!  I love everything I found and especially that I got it all at such a great deal!!!

Dining Table $20
Dining Chairs $30 for all four
Coffee Table $20 (refinished)
Side Table #1, $8 (refinished)
Side Table #2, $20 (vintage 1930’s)

Total = $98

Gotta love saving money in style!  Best lesson to learn – be patient and be picky.  Dont just buy something on craigslist because it is inexpensive, but wait, the perfect thing that is almost exactly what you wanted WILL come along.  A drop leaf dining table? Check. 3 vintage looking tables for the living room? Check. Etc Etc.   So proud and loving our new home.

Which gave me excuse to buy the ridiculously expensive bedspread from Anthropologie that I have been eyeing for 6 months?  Hey, I tried but nothing was nearly as good or beautiful.  At least I saved money everywhere else to offset the cost.  And with a little nudging from my great mother in law and sisters in law, I just bit the bullet.

Couldn’t be happier!


4 thoughts on “Condowife Extra-ordinare

  1. I love the bed spread!! very cute design and color.. and I would love to see photos of your craigslist purchases. Sounds like you hit a goldmine! =)

  2. To address the first part of your entry: hem tape, my friend. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. It’s how I made my perfect table cloth, hem my pants, made the curtains for my old place, and much much more. 🙂

    1. I use hem tape, but like to reinforce with some thread so that it will really stand up to weekly washings. I like the look of the elementary grade stitching 🙂 Something you could find on an anthropologie item probably- haha!

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