“She’s just not that into you”

*Note: this is supposed to be read as part comical, with a silver lining of truth*

It’s like when you’re dating someone.  During the good times, you don’t keep track of who is calling who because things just happen naturally, but after a few weeks or months, maybe you realize that the last few times there has been contact, that you have had to initiate.  Or they take their sweet time returning your text messages when you know they probably have their phones on them.  Then you realize that if you didn’t initiate things, you probably wouldn’t hear from them for a while, if not much at all anymore.  So what do you do?  Do you keep trying, hoping they’ll realize how fun and great you really are, or do you just drop it realizing that they’re “just not that into you.”

Well what do you do when it’s not a man you’re chasing, but it is some of your best girlfriends?

“The truth is, a marriage can be wonderful, but it cannot meet every single need we have. Our lives are built on the structure of multiple relationships. The relationships we have with our families, our spouses and yes, our friends. We need different support groups for different reasons. We are not just wives, we are also women.”

I know my life has changed and my schedule is more complicated, which is a turn off.

Maybe they think I’ll only talk about marriage things and can’t relate to them anymore.  Partially true.  We’re not in the same stage of life anymore.

But I miss girl time.

Being with Dave is my dream come true, but I need more than one person in my life to share my fun and ideas with. Especially ideas that only girls care about.

I know I sound like a whiner now, but interestingly enough, I have mentioned this to a couple other people I know and they experienced the same thing.

Married people want friends too.


3 thoughts on ““She’s just not that into you”

  1. So true! Girls need girls 🙂 I’ll be your friend probably longer than you want me… and maybe someday at closer range (not from Utah)!!

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