Tomorrow, Dave and I will have been married for exactly a month.  It may sound bad, but when people ask us how long we have been married, we feel like we have been married MUCH longer than a month.  I dont think it’s necessarily a bad or good thing, it just is true.

Being married this month has been fun – sometimes I just laugh a little when I wake up and there’s a man in my bed.  It is so foreign, but so cool really!  Even when he does steal the covers, or roll over to my side and still ask me, while asleep, to “Move Over.” Haha, we had a great laugh about that in the morning.  Maybe I need to get a king sized comforter for our queen sized bed so that we both have as much as we want.

Every couple seems to have the thing that they argue about – studies would show you that that is money.  Luckily for us, that hasnt been an issue of argument yet.  We both are pretty frugal, but can also appreciate a good investment for a good quality product when it is necessary.  The other day we were out, and I tripped on my shoes because they are old and getting too loose, Dave said – you need to go get new shoes … how often does a husband have to tell his wife that?  I havent yet … because I dont want to spend the money on shoes.

BUT we do have our own little things.  Mostly, at least in my mind, it has been housekeeping/decorating.  How odd right? I think it is because we have both been used to doing things OUR way for so long that now combining those opinions into the same space can be tough.  When we were dating, I didn’t criticize how he did things in his room, because it wasn’t my room.  Or there are things that our families did differently, but naturally, you think that the way you were brought up is the best way. I found an old article from the Ensign that I think we will read together and discuss for Family Home Evening tonight (an LDS tradition of using Monday night as Family night, studying scripture or other good books and having an activity together).

Also, I have subconsciously put the undue pressure on myself to be the perfect wife/homemaker and I feel like I am always 5 steps behind where I need to be.  Im not good at planning dinners.  That is the current thing that is making me a little crazy and I dont even know why.   I have emailed some girlfriends about this and have gotten some good suggestions that I would like to implement, but still takes some start up work.  Between this and having things on the calendar 5 out of 7 nights of the week, I easily get overwhelmed.  If anyone has any good suggestions for a Stress Management book or workbook, please let me know.

All in all, this doesnt sound like the kind of post you’d want to hear a month after your friend gets married, but hey, we had to jump back into real life the day after we got home from our honeymoon so Im still learning how to be my new wife self and be myself too (which I need to work on as well).

Still, I love being married and I love Dave so so much 🙂


3 thoughts on “Month-a-versary

  1. Yah for being married. Sounds like everything is going along quite nicely! My suggestion is just to sit back and relax every once in a while. We need a girls night!

  2. As far as meal planning goes, I just come up with a weekly menu before I go grocery shopping. I make a point of choosing at least 2 meals that can be made with things we have on hand–that way, if life gets crazy and those meals don’t get made, we don’t have fresh ingredients sitting around going bad. You’ll get the hang of it, don’t you worry. 🙂

  3. hahaha love the post! Except for I think i’m gonna be the one stealing the covers and saying move over! haha. We will have to get together soon when my life calms down after the next 65 days! lol

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