Honeymoon pictures on Facebook?

I have multiple friends who have gotten married recently and there are examples of both viewpoints on this.  Some people dont post any pictures of their honeymoon.  Some post whole albums.

Opinions?  Is this appropriate?  Dave and I dont really think it is.  If other people do it though, Im not judging because I am usually curious where they stayed and what it was like so I look.  But get a little wierded out when they start taking pictures of everything in the honeymoon suite … including the bed.  Is that important for me to see?  Or those ever so popular pictures of you both innocently kissing with your heads on your pillows.  Yikes!

I can see the desire to take photos of your honeymoon, but other than maybe one or two smiling on the beach, the others should be a personal memory kept to yourself.  Am I being a prude?  If others disagree, I am open minded and want to hear about it 🙂


3 thoughts on “Honeymoon pictures on Facebook?

  1. We didn’t post any pictures of our honeymoon on Facebook/our blog, but that was mostly because neither of us had a digital camera at that point and it was too much of a hassle to scan and upload regular photos. But I agree, I could do without pictures of the honeymoon suite. Can you say AWKWARD?

  2. Tam, it’s me Dara! I would say that you could totally put pictures of you and Dave on the beach or doing some fun activity. I agree with you on the pictures about the bed and bathtub…Those are more personal. Ryan and I have posted pics of activities we did and the place we stayed, but the personal pics have been kept personal. I am so excited for you! I mean really excited for you! You can follow Ryan and I at

  3. Tammy, you are so right. I’m happy to see pictures of the beach, island, whatever. But the inside of the honeymoon suite should totally be off limits. My lovely sister is totally right–SUPER awkward!

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