If I believed in fate

If I believed in fate instead of divine inspiration, I would STILL pick Dave 🙂

Today I went to Office Depot to choose a new office chair for work.  I have been meaning to for months, but finally got up the guts to ask my boss for one (sitting here for practically all 8 hours of the work day, my back needs some good support).  He mentioned that I might want to actually go to the store and try them out to find one I like, which I agreed.  I walked over there and sat in every chair in the store.  I finally decided on a big burgandy leather one that *ta-da!* was even $100 off! Okay, I really had tried all the others, I was judging solely from comfort (not even looks) and the style name?? Hawkins.

Second of all.  When we were deciding on our wedding date, we (okay, I) originally wanted February 6th.  Lo and behold, the temple will be closed for cleaning that whole week, so Dave got his way and we moved it to January.  I randomly decided to Google search “San Diego January 23, 2010” just to see what else was going on in town that night and discovered that San Diego State would be playing basketball against BYU that night at 7pm.  Ironically both of our Alma Maters (Dave got his MBA at San Diego State) and is now the exact time of our wedding reception.

I got an email today from the BYU Alumni association telling me to go to the game.  I jokingly forwarded it to Dave asking “hey, do you want to go to this?” to which he replied “I wish I could, but I have this thing I have to go to.”  I said “Well I hope its for a hot date, otherwise you might be missing out …” – Dave’s final response: “Better than a hot date, a hot wife!!! ”

I love him 🙂


3 thoughts on “If I believed in fate

  1. Yah that was horrible planning-don’t you know i love BYU sports-especially basketball. My friends are all begging me to come to the game. hehe.

  2. You might consider a standing desk… I switched to standing (with a high chair for when I get tired) and it has saved my back.

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