Don’t worry, you wont get lost …

It just feels so good to tick things off the list! Since the party is at Dave’s parents’ house, the way there can get a little windy and people may feel lost.  We are going to have 3 or 4 vinyl signs leading the way, each with 3 white balloons tied to them so you know you’re going the right way.  Check it out! I think these are beautiful 🙂

I basically tried to mock up exactly the same one and we know a lady who makes vinyl banners so she is going to be doing them.  I’m such a nerd.  I couldn’t care less about the flowers (I have faith that the moms are doing a great job) but I am being picky about the signs.  Weird I know.

Also this morning I woke up before 5 and couldnt fall back asleep, thinking about the little things I had to accomplish.  Melissa Peterson gave me the idea to use a photo book from with our engagement pictures and a lot of blank space for our guests to sign the “guest book” – a little twist that I think makes it more fun and a better keepsake.  Thanks Melissa!  And I finished it all before 6:30am.  Now that’s working!


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