As mentioned in a previous post, I really like birds.  I also don’t like traditional cake toppers.  So I was looking for something a little different, maybe bird-related, and I found these guys.  I think they are so funny looking that they are adorable.  Unfortunately, since they are handmade from “vintage fabric” they run about $300 a pair.

Yeah, $300 for a pair of weird looking birds to put on top of a cake ~ after you already spent probably $700 on the cake itself …

SO what did I decide? After looking online for other toppers (a simple monogrammed “H” in scrolled lettering with rushed shipping would still cost $75), I decided … I am going to make them myself.  After a dress fitting last night, Debbie and I stopped at the local craft store and picked up some white birds for less than $3 each.  We got a cool little jeweled twiggy thing for also less than $3 that they would be perched on.  They look so cute!  Then we decided that why not try to make them cool like these.  Debbie pulled out some of her vintage lace and ribbons (including pieces from her wedding dress!) and we started decorating the little bride bird.  Nothing too elaborite like those from but just a little cute.

I didnt know what to do with the groom bird, maybe just leave him plain? But then I just found on Ann Wood’s blog a pattern and instructions on how to make a tiny top hat!  Maybe that is going too far, but I might try it just to see what it looks like 🙂

So here’s to saving lots of money (spending about $10) and making something unique and that is practically like just what I wanted 🙂  Here’s to hoping it turns out right and everyone doesnt think I am the weirdest bride they’ve ever seen …


3 thoughts on “D.I.Y.

  1. I love the idea to use birds on the top of your cake. It will be so cool and unique. We had big sugar snowflakes on ours. I am very excited for you to get married and I hope all goes well and fabulous with your big day. Enjoy it and I know how you feel, I wanted to elope the whole time.

  2. LOVE IT!! you are so clever tam!

    Rick and I are thinking of sticking with the bird theme as well, especially since we have them on our invitations. Your ideas are giving me lots of good inspiration!!

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