Realization … x2

1.  Either Dave lets me beat him at things or I am just more competitive than him.  Looking back at a previous post, I bragged about beating him at mini golf.  The other night, I beat him at chess AND poker (as he was teaching me to play).  I am beginning to get suspicious that he is letting me win …

2. I see that people read this blog — but no one ever comments?  Are my stats wrong and people dont actually visit?  Im going to put a provoking question for you to answer with a comment.

On the radio the other day, I heard one of those teaser radio questions (you know the kind that they ask and then dont tell you the answer right away just so that you stay on the channel and listen to the commercials in anticipation for the answer).  The question was:

What do 40% of women do EVERYDAY that men hate?

Give me your opinions! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Realization … x2

  1. Hey Tam! I love your posts. I think the thing that women do that bugs men is… offer unsolicited advice? 🙂 Do you really know the answer? I’m curious what they said.

  2. love your blog! keep it up! and gosh what do men hate about us women? i’d like to know as well! maybe we talk to much! haha.

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