All Moved In

Dave is now officially living in our new place!  I can’t wait to join him – it is so cute and exactly what we wanted!  I love having the loft space for a couple reasons – it gives us a place to put the “office” and Dave’s sporting stuff – bike, surfboard, and accessories.  Also, it gives us another place to go when we want to do things seperately and it adds height to make the apartment look bigger overall.

One thing we go back and forth on – do we call it a condo or an apartment?  Technically, it is an individually owned Condo, but we feel strange calling it that since that makes it sound like WE own it – not the case.  But a shout out to our landlord – she is super awesome!  We found a few things wrong with the place and she has taken care of the big issues before Dave even moved in, including a brand new dishwasher!

Right now there seems to just be stuff everywhere, but we’ll get settled sooner or later, and then we’ll have you all over to party (and annoy our neighbors who like to watch loud movies …)


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