6 weeks!

The time is almost here – 6 weeks sounds so small.  5 weeks sounds decent, but once we’re down to 4 weeks, which sounds dumb to say it that way, saying “a month” sounds long again.  Then BOOM we’re at three weeks and the time will be so close 🙂

Can you tell we are excited???!!!

We got the keys to our new place yesterday and it is so so cute, I love it and couldnt be happier with where we picked to live 🙂  It will be a great game of Tetris to figure out where to put everything, but I cant wait.  I am excited for stupid little things like shopping for food to fill up the cabinets 🙂

One of my big successes/excitements this past week has been buying furnature on craigslist and refinishing it to have inexpensive but great looking furnature 🙂 We bought a coffee table for $20 and a cute little side table for $8.  With a $11 can of Stain/Finisher, they match in color and look great!  I check on them multiple times a day anxious for them to dry so that I can move them into the new place 🙂  Here’s some photos for your enjoyment 🙂

I love our half circle window!  The living room is small, but the high ceiling to the loft makes it seem much roomier 🙂

The stairs on the left go up to a decent sized loft above the kitchen 🙂  (Note, this is not the bedroom.  It is on the 1st level to the left of the stairs – with 2 closets [a small walk in and a small regular closet], a separate vanity area so the mirrors dont fog up when someone is in the shower, and … a washer and dryer!!!)

This is our backyard … (we need to time it to be exactly sure, but I am estimating it takes about 5 minutes to get here)

We cant have pets in the apartment, but these little guys live right down the street 😉

And this is also just up the street from us, yay!


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