Let the Gratitude Begin ~~~

Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

So I got back in that figurative bed and forced myself to wake up on the other side by looking at things I am grateful for.

I stopped at Target on my way to work and picked up the new “This Is It” CD.  this is itIn less than 10 minutes I was cruising down the highway singing and dancing to “the way you make me fe-e-el, you really turn-a me o-on” 🙂 A taxi cab driver stayed right next to me and Im pretty sure he was loving my performance, haha.  I love that song! It makes me feel like Im in a movie or something (does anyone remember that movie ‘Center Stage’?)  Anyway, that is my favorite song of the day and it is making me so happy 🙂  I wish this CD had PYT on it, but in general, a great selection.  The movie is pretty good too if you are a moderate to extreme MJ fan or go with someone who is 🙂

This is the other picture that is really making my day 🙂 This is my handsome soon-to-be husband (!!!) David Hawkins.  On Saturday morning I toted my DSLR camera to the beach to snap some pictures of Dave and a surfing buddy of his who will soon be moving to the wave-less shores of the Great Salt Lake.  We got in some fun shots, and afterward Dave was cold so I wrapped him in my scarf as he finished up taking some pictures of our friend on the waves.  We got up to leave and this was the great composition that I just had to catch 🙂  Very ‘GQ’ and kind of as a joke with the scarf but I think he still looks unbelievable 🙂

dave in scarf

I still can’t get over the new words like “fiance” or “husband” or “my wedding” – or wrap my head around that I am actually picking MY wedding dress.   Other than the planning and decision making, which I am finding out isn’t really my thing, I LOVE being engaged.  We are turning into one of those obnoxious couples that I always was mega-annoyed by … we try hard not to be so I hope we’re not too bad, but we are a little bit, but we can’t help it! And it is so fun 🙂 His roommates are probably getting sick of us though … oh well! I love being engaged to this man!  Can’t wait until I get to live with him and hang out with him all the time ~ only 10 weeks and change until the big day 🙂

January 23, 2010



2 thoughts on “Let the Gratitude Begin ~~~

    1. by date, do you mean the man in the photo or the day of the year 😉 I consider both to be very aesthetically pleasing haha 🙂

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