Bird Fantasies

I just caught myself having a day dream at work – in it, Dave and I werebirds on wall settling into our cute new apartment and I was able to decorate it and design it just how I like.  I dont know what the name of the style is, but the same kind of style that goes with Anthropology style, Regina Specktor music and headbands with rosettes … indie trendy?  I found this on and fell in love – seriously crossing my fingers that I can make it work in our apartment next year.

I love birds.  My love for them began when I was having a really tough semester in college and it was cold and gross outside everyday as I walked to class, but then one day, spring started.  The temperature didnt know it yet, but the birds did, and they started chattering and talking as I would walk by them up 600 East.  They gave me a new sense of childlike joy that cheered me up every day.  I would just watch and listen as I walked and it filled my soul with the healing that it needed.  I then decided, wouldnt it be nice to have a pair of birds to live with and love and adore all the time?  That’s when I discovered Zebra Finches.  Multicolored and adorable.  Today when I found that wall decal, I remembered my love for birds and began daydreaming.

If I had the space and they weren’t messy, I would get a pair just like this, and name them Pete and Richard.  Even if one was a girl …




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