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Busy and Happy :)

Do you ever go through a phase when you think to yourself, wow, my life is too good to be true right now, what’s the catch?

That is how I have been feeling a lot lately – I am SO happy 🙂 Possibly happier than I have ever been ever, and I am a genuinely happy person all the time so that should tell you something 🙂

1. Today is my 1 year anniversary with my job here at the USS Midway Museum. I love the people I work with and the job fits my personality almost perfectly. I get a great sense of accomplishment out of crossing things off the “to-do” list and organizing, helping, etc etc. I have recently had some huge responsibilities that I pulled off by the skin of my teeth (eew, that’s a weird chiche – click here for the origin 😉  I feel a great sense of accomplishment and I am really growing some talents here that are really valuable.  Thanks to all at the Midway for their friendly attitudes that make it enjoyable to come to.

2.  I love my boyfriend and he loves me too 🙂  Dave has turned out to be the most pleasant surprise of my whole life.  Our courtship started out a bit awkward honestly and I wasnt sure if he was just a boring guy but there was just something about him that I had to get to know better.  He finally got fed up with me dragging my feet so he walked me to my car after a church activity one night and just said it very clearly that he would like to really try this out and spend more time together, no more of the slow awkwardness that we had been pretending was enough.  Thank goodness he finally got the guts to say something!  We’ve had our ups and little downs since, but seriously he is the greatest thing ever ever ever.  He is so great to me and I am just in awe of him most of the time.  He is so funny and quirky that he just makes me smile all the time!  So my thought that he might be just another boring finance guy was WAY off 🙂  He is so the best 🙂  PS A couple days from now will mark exactly 6 months from the day we met (he asked me out the very next day)

3. Did I mention I beat him at mini-golf the other night?  Including 2 holes-in-one in the same game!

4. Last but not least, life will always be good because I have the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. It makes me so happy and really gives meaning to all I do every day.  It gives me the motivation to smile at strangers and be kind to those around me.  It gives me the knowledge that I can pray to a loving Heavenly Father anytime I want and because He is all-powerful-knowing-seeing-everything He listens and cares.  When I do the things that I know are right, I feel that love from Him (and His Son) so intensely that I cant help but feel so incredibly happy 🙂

And since I always say that every blog post needs a good picture, Here are Dave and I at the USS Midway 2009 Gala that was on September 5th (I worked my tail off and everything went so smoothly! I got to enjoy the rest of the evening with my hott date 😉

Tammy and Dave at Gala


5 thoughts on “Busy and Happy :)

  1. You are so cute!! I am so happy for you that things are going well. Congrats with your sweet job and I will definitely look you up on your ship next time I am in town.

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