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I am definitely having a fun time enjoying my life here in San Diego, where much of my time is spent in this area of downtown (my workplace would be visible if this picture were shifted slightly to the left).  As many of you know, I live in North County and take a “Commuter Express” – which saves me gas money, helps the environment, and takes away the stress of having to navigate through heavy commuter traffic.  On occasion I even take a nap on my way to or from work (about a 40 minute ride) if I haven’t had enough sleep, it is great 🙂

Yesterday, I needed to get the heels on my work shoes replaced (my favorite pointed toe pumps, black croc skin – they are beginning to look a little tattered but I love them too much to part with them) so I walked up Broadway, into the heart of downtown San Diego – past Horton Plaza and the NBC building, a couple blocks up to my favorite shoe repair shop, “American Shoe Repair.”  Upon arrival, I find that it has been closed and the windows and door boarded up … with a homeless guy sleeping right in front of the door.  There I am, leaning over him to try to see where the shop has moved to, but the sign didn’t make much sense so I gave up.

So I stand and wait for my bus, and next to American Shoe Repair is one of the several Tattoo parlors in this area.  A guy who looks like he was an employee, looked me up and down while I was leaning against the urban store front, pointed heels, saucy red shirt and hair pulled back with my big sunglasses and says “hello … you’re beautiful” and just keeps on walking, then ducks into his tattoo lair.  Just for a visual, he could have been one of these guys:

So I went back home, freshened up and headed out to meet up with some gals that I was best friends with my junior year of High School.  Most of our birthdays are within 2 weeks of each other (there are 4 of us) so we wanted to have our mini-reunion right around birthday time.  To celebrate, we went to The Shout House, again in downtown.

It was a great time – a dueling piano bar is definitely a place to go for that.  You sing/dance along, laugh along, and make a conscious effort not to cringe at the vulgarity, and just enjoy yourself regardless, making friends with strangers, cheering people on as they dance/sing/get mocked on stage, and feeling closer with your friends even if you’re not necessarily talking 🙂

So I wouldnt do it every day, but it was just another fun/funny day that makes me grateful for all of my experiences in this path I have chosen to take for now.  I am getting to see and learn many things, all with a smile on my face and keeping my head up.  All a day in the life of this working girl 😉


3 thoughts on “Downtown Lifestyle

  1. Tammy, you’re awesome. That guy has great taste:) Got your message and I think a trip down to San Diego is in order for the not-too-distant-future. I’d love to get out of the heat and come visit you! Just hope you’re not too busy living the good life:)

  2. Tammy, I love your stories. Downtown is such an interesting place. Keep having fun and enjoying all these experiences!!

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