Sorry it has been so long …

I have been super busy with work and play – I never get on a computer except when I am at work because I look at one all day.

Work is great.  I am grateful to have a job that is within in my field of work (museum administration) and even though it sometimes gets busy, overwhelming, or monotonous (or all 3), I am grateful for my source of income and my coworkers 🙂

My family is great – I am realizing how glad I actually am to be living with my parents.  Besides the obvious benefit of saving money, I learn a lot from them, they help me with things that I don’t have much time to do (time consuming car accident details, etc.) and it is fun to have them be involved with my life.  I really think I will look back at this time in my life as a great blessing of being close to my family (especially when siblings come to visit).  Short side note – we are having an impromptu family reunion this next week – when there are 8 kids, many of which have spouses and kids of their own, the numbers quickly add up.  Long story short, there will be some nights with over 20 people eating and sleeping at my house soon — I will be sleeping at my high school best friend’s house around the block 🙂

The number one reason that I have been busy?  Dave is contending to be the best boyfriend ever 🙂  And just to make you all roll your eyes at our happy smiling faces, here you go 🙂

tammy and dave

SO I don’t update my blog often enough, obviously, but I love to get personal emails from people while I am at work, so please feel free to send me a note 🙂  I will get back to you pretty quickly – you probably trump priorities on check deposits or event registration … maybe even both 😉


2 thoughts on “Sorry it has been so long …

  1. I like all your happy faces, Tams:) So happy to see things are going so well! AND I’m happy we now live in the same state!

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