Honestly, who are these people??

Life is great 🙂

I just got back from a quick weekend/Easter trip to Utah to visit some friends before they all start spreading out around the world or doing other big things (like having babies).  I wanted to catch them all in one spot 🙂

The weekend was good, odd, but good. I got to see mostly everyone that I wanted to (minus a couple of old roommates 😦 next time girls, I hope) and even some that I hadn’t planned on.  Not once, but TWICE I was chided for not updating my blog in the last 5 weeks (shout out to Jason and Dave), and since the last post sounded somewhat whiney, I was a bit embarassed. But the truth of the matter is that I decided to turn my life around.  Coming from some pretty bad experiences, I decided that I needed to remodel my life and attitude 🙂  Things are now great 🙂  I am still working on many parts to achieve my goal of where I want to be in my happiness, but I think that’s what life always is 🙂

So the point of this blog is a short update that life is great and I have had some ideas for some blog posts that I would like to write, coming soon!

Oh and my original question — I looked on my WordPress Dashboard today and it says that my last post got 44 views, maybe 2/3 of those are people looking at my blog again to see if I had anything new, but that is about 10 times as many views as I thought my blog had … Honestly, who are these people?!

And because every post needs a good picture:


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