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Why no recent blogs Tammy?

At one point I was pretty excited to start a blog and share my thoughts on things or just write about new and interesting experiences. Why did I lose my vigor? Because I think I have been under the false mindset that since I am single, my life isn’t exciting enough to share my common things with everyone on a blog.  I guess I kind of feel like I am bragging about myself or making it sound like I think I’m really awesome because all I have to write about is myself, no “we”‘s included too often on this blog 🙂 But what is a girl to do huh? Let her people go uninformed because she feels bad for taking up their time with her mundane single life?  Well, sometimes when we think life is mundane, we just need to take a step back and realize that “Wow! I have done some really cool things!” So if you think I am bragging, I am sorry (and sometimes I may be, but it is not to be rude, it is only because I am so excited about what I am doing!)

SO here is the update, going back a few months to go through highlights that occured during what I feel has been a pretty bleak time, but there were shining moments, here are many of them 🙂

September 17th 2008 – Most of you already know about this one, I got a job on a ship that is actually a non-profit museum.  Pretty cool huh? Yes, yes it is 🙂

That was also the same day that I met a seemingly cool guy and dated him for a few months … too bad he turned out to be a total jerkloser.

October was fun,  I live with the parents which sometimes makes me feel like a lame adult, but we all benefit from the situation.  One reason, they like to go out of town frequently, so I get the nice place all to myself, and some friends 🙂  The trip this month was a lengthy one which led to some fun parties, etc.  (parents, if you are reading this, dont worry, nothing too crazy, mostly G rated Disney movies and rousing games of Balderdash)

November was pretty cool, I really got into the swing of my job and was getting pretty proud of what I was capable of.

December was a little rough with the holidays and all, I am not going to white wash that.  I have had some friends going through some hard things and I had a tough time trying to help as much as possible but things weren’t really improving.  There is a give and take for everything though because while social and personal things were a little tough, I got a last minute invitation to go with some of my senior co-workers (and when I say senior, I mean the above the senior age line kind of senior 🙂 to a formal Gala celebrating the Apollo 8 mission.  I got the chance to meet many astronauts, including the one and only, yes, Neil Armstrong.  We shook hands and exchanged pleasantries, it really wasnt much more than that, but I wont complain.  PS he is really old.

Christmas time was fun, my second oldest sister, Cindy, came into town from Boston for quite a while so we had a good time together, lots of shopping.

If I have one least favorite holiday, it is New Year’s Eve.  Expectations run way too high and the party has to be so perfect and ideal that it really never lives up to that.  So this New Year’s Eve, while I was feeling exceptionally low, I did the party right for the first time in my life.  I went to bed at 10 pm! It was fantastic!  I woke up the next day and just lied in bed deciding what my new thing would be for 2009 – would I read this or learn that? I went through probably a hundred ideas but nothing fit right.  Finally, I realized that I had been in the market for a new camera, so I might as well make it a nice one and learn a thing or two about photography.  I got a Nikon D40, the baby of the DSLR line, and I have been loving it 🙂  It is fun to look around and figure out what beautiful things to make out of the surroundings.

Another fun moment with the famous was at work one day.  Sometimes we get semi-famous people visiting the museum and one day in January, my coworker called me and in an excited whisper said “Tammy! Bill Nye the Science Guy is on board somewhere!” so we went on a hunt and found him (and his buddy) out near the end of the flight deck (my favorite scenic spot) and we got a docent to ask him if he was, in fact, Bill Nye the Science Guy because we were too embarassed to ask.  He waved us over, we shook hands and he got all excited to tell us about his new show, The Solution to X!  Come on Bill, Algebra? No where as cool as science, but then he pulled out his iPhone and queued up the theme song to this show, it was pretty hilarious, especially when he put his hands out at about chest level and started twisting his shoulders and hips along with the beat … so we joined right in.  There you have it, I have now danced with Bill Nye the Science Guy – that’s right.  Be jealous 😉

This last week I got another last minute dinner invitation.  Luckily I had dressed up more nicely than usual for work just as a fluke, and a woman I work with asked if I would like to take her place at the dinner for the San Diego Chapter of Executive Women’s International since she was no longer available to go but had already RSVP’d.  I went, the food was great, the women were so friendly and talkative and intelligent!  I think if I were 5 years further into my career I would definitely join this group of outstanding professional women just to have them as friends, connections, and mentors, but I feel like with only 5 months of actual career experience I do not have enough wisdom behind me.  We’ll see though, it was great, and I always love going to fancy things 🙂

I also forgot to mention that this year I decided to join with a gym for the first time in my life and go 3 times a week to run and work out at the YMCA.  I love their yoga classes and even aspire to going to some swimming classes, though I need to purchase a pair of goggles first since I can’t swim in a straight line … yeah, sad.

So there is my mundane single life for you.  I am often down for some reason or another, but hey, my life is still interesting sometimes, and other times, it is down right phenomenal!  I find myself frequently adding things to a list of great life moments: Shake hands with a real historical figure, the first man on the moon. CHeck.  Dance with a quirky television persona. CHeck. Work on my schmoozing skills. CHeck, check 🙂 Boycott my least favorite holiday 🙂 good choice.

Tomorrow I will be adding another big “first” onto my life list, but I will save it for the next post so that I have something to write about 🙂


6 thoughts on “Why no recent blogs Tammy?

  1. Tammy, I’m so glad you’re posting again! I don’t think your single life is boring at all–in fact, I’m a little envious of the cool things you’re experiencing. Good luck with the big purchase! 🙂

  2. Tammy, your life is NOT mundane! Holy cow, you are doing amazing things and its just good to hear about them! I’m going to call you on SUNDAY so be prepared. If you don’t have time, that’s ok, but this whole not-talking-for months things is getting old. Thanks for updating your blog. I love it and I love you!

  3. TAMMY!!! I miss you crazy, where in Boston does your sister live again? I feel the obligation to try and meet up with her sometime. I hope all continues to go well, congrats on the new car! Love yoU!

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