Healthy Eating

I am going to become an expert.

I have been working at my new job for about 6 weeks.  Much of the time I sit at a desk, but I occasionally am running errands around the office/ship.  Often while running around (or worse, just sitting), I get terrible cases of the munchies.

Confession: In the 6 weeks I have worked at the USS Midway Museum, I have gained about 6 pounds.  A pound a week? Scary.

This weekend I realized that I am quickly becoming chubbier than I want to be.  When I first bought my bike 7 or so weeks ago I was feeling great and skinnier.  Now it gets dark right when I get home from work so I am unable to go for a quick ride and my Saturdays have been filling up with activities or errands.  At work, people often bring goodies to share, or there are left over desserts and treats from events on board.  The people at the cafe downstairs love us and give us free gourmet cookies.  And lets admit, pre halloween season can be cruel with all the treats and post halloween doesnt get much better until resolution time.

So I am making my resolution early – they say to not wait, but start today, so I am.

How am I going to do it? I was nervous that I didnt have the will power, but I have decided to make my own pride in becoming an expert the driving force behind my new leaf.

I am going to become an expert at eating more healthy without depriving myself totally, and how to eliminate the unsatisfiable case of THE MUNCHIES – my main enemy.

So I post this as a blog for multiple reasons.

  1. To make myself accountable.  Now you all know I have gained weight and am going to change.
  2. To get YOUR advice and tips
  3. To give you a teaser – once I figure out the secrets and test and succeed, I will be writing a follow up post to help YOU! I will be the expert.  I will be able to help you once I have battled my problem.

Yes I have pride in becoming excellent at something but I try to use it in a good way to be the best I can be.  I am currently learning to be the best Executive Assistant there is at work and there are other things I am trying to be my very best at.  This will be one of the few and it IS going to happen.

Maybe as I find tips I will add them and we can try them; goals we can set together.  Here is what I will be starting with this week.

  1. Getting a good night’s sleep.  This will help to regulate my metabolism.
  2. Drinking plenty of water a day.  I will drink 3 bottles of water while at work, and make sure to have 2 glasses during the evening.
  3. Rather than grabbing a meal replacement drink as I run out the door in the morning, I will try to actually make time to sit down and eat in the morning.  What, I am not sure.  I will start with Raisin Bran, my fav, but cereal doesnt always last until lunch time.
  4. I am going to stop at the store tomorrow morning and purchase a bag of baby carrots and some apples.  Any other healthy snacks I should try?
  5. Pack my lunch the night before, and not just left over noodles or carb heavy meals.

This is going to work.  I am going to work at it everyday to test this.  I would also like to get in the habit of waking up a little earlier so I can bike for 20-30 min in the morning since it is now lighter earlier, but I’ll work up to that this week 🙂

Join me and share your tips and healthy treats!

I am starting to feel like this guy
I am starting to feel like this guy

10 thoughts on “I am going to become an expert.

  1. Ooh, I’ve got one: ask your boss to make a rule that says your not allowed to eat in the office. When I was in high school and a boy would ask me out that I didn’t want to go on a date with, I’d ask my parents to make a rule against dating that particular person so I wouldn’t feel guilty for saying no. Perfect example of lacking accountability but it worked!

  2. My sister has lost a lot of weight in the last year. I asked how she did it the other day. Her main thing is eating smaller portions. She still eats what she wants, but she eats less. She also doesn’t eat unless she’s hungry. The main thing is will power. She put her mind to it and stuck with her goals. She also started running. She only ran about 3 miles, 3 times a week, but it was something to get her out and moving. (But don’t go running in the dark or I’ll have to smack you!!). Anyway, that’s just some things she has done to lose weight.

  3. I’ve started eating fairly healthy smaller portions every few hours + exercise goes a long way. I’m generally awful about portion size, and I’m also a HUGE snacker, so it’s good to prepare for that. Surround yourself with good options. 100 calorie snack packs are amazing, as long you limit yourself.

    Be in charge of your own food! My worst eating comes from being social, gets me out of my routine. Setting your goals and limits before you encounter culinary temptation does wonders.

  4. From Rachel:

    Tammy, can i first say that i love you…even if you weighed 800 pounds. Secondly, I can TOTALLY relate. My job is at a desk also (with minimal running around) and its tough to stay in shape! Here are few things I do that tend to work for me and maybe they’ll work for you too.

    I don’t count calories, but I watch my portions really closely. Its all about eating healthy things in the right amounts. I have Tupperware that has the number of cups on each side and I try to only have a 1 cup of my main meal and more of the veggies and fruit to go along with it.

    To keep me from munching at work I don’t bring any cash (so I don’t purchase anything while at work) and I pack my meals the night before.

    Breakfast: Something with carbs to get me going, some fruit and water
    – Lunch: usually try to get one of each food group (veggie, fruit, carb, dairy etc…) and dessert! (don’t deny yourself some dessert otherwise you might binge on it later which is worse than having a little each day.)
    – Snack for the ride home (usually a Luna bar or there are these great fruit twist things made by Clif Bar which is a whole serving of fruit but they taste like candy).

    I eat about every three hours, but only small meals. They say that the fewer meals you eat per day the hungrier you are at the start of each meal, which means you are more likely to gorge yourself and eat more than you should. If you eat smaller meals more frequently you won’t get that “i’m so hungry I could eat a horse” feeling and you eat less too.

    I also know you are much better at cooking than I am, but I have started to cook real dinners from scratch instead of microwaveable or frozen dinners. This is MUCH healthier (obviously) and you can take the leftovers to work as lunch the next day! The healthier the meal the more of it you can have which means less hunger and less munching!

    Also, i try to go walking during my lunch break for about 30 minutes. I have an hour lunch so the first 30min I eat and the last I go walking. (this may or may not be possible, but its something!)
    I don’t eat at my desk….ever. I keep some crystal light or juice at my desk, but I only eat in the cafeteria or in the break room. This means if I want a snack i have to get up and get it, which also means my boss knows and it will take me longer which isn’t permitted unless its a break! This is a great incentive not to munch the day away if you know it will be obvious and you might get caught!
    I hope some of these things help…It is really hard to keep a nice figure when you’re sitting down all day and its a huge change from hiking all over campus like we used to! I’m not sure if you have access to a gym or anything like that too (I’m spoiled here at Pepperdine…we have a gym right next to my work) but I do Yoga twice a week and we have Wii Fit at home, which is surprisingly a good workout.

    Hope some of these work for you! Let me know how it goes!

  5. Hey I had the SAME PROBLEM this summer with my desk job with lots of snacks. I reversed my trend with moderate success. I started bringing a water bottle (I had a Nalgene that I thought looked really cool and superficially that helped ;-). When I got munchie I’d ask myself, “Am I really hungry, or just a little bored?” If I was bored I’d drink water, which helped because I was putting something in my mouth… and I was hydrated which made my body feel better and made it easier to resist junk, which never made me feel as good in the long run. Also I would bring a lunch with something yummy and something healthy and something veggie. That way at some point I could eat something sweet when I got a munchie. And at the beginning of the day as I walked into work I would say, Today I will eat none of that stuff. And the sense of personal accomplishment that came from meeting my personal goal (it sounds a little silly) was awesome. Good luck! I’m excited for the part where you tell us what you’ve discovered.

  6. Still try and eat a balanced diet, just stop eating before you are full. Exercise is super important, as is sleep.

    So is your state of happiness!! Make sure to still have fun! Play and enjoy yourself. Find ways that work for you to be stress-relievers. You have many stressors, but need to make time for stress-relievers.

  7. I think Jessica is right on (and the others had good advice too) because for me it’s all about not doing self denial but allowing yourself to enjoy a little but be satisfied rather than keep going just because you can. At work we call it the Mozy 10 when you gain wait because you make frequent visits to the break room for food. Just eat smaller portions or try the snack but don’t eat too much. And bring healthy snacks so you don’t have to just eat nothing if you’re not going to eat the junk food around you. I’m no expert, I just like eating…that’s my only claim. 🙂

  8. Eating foods high in protein and fiber will keep you fuller longer, which means you can eat less and feel just as full. Concentrate on lean meats, nuts, and whole grains.

    Avoid unhealthy fats (saturated and trans) and get healthy fats (unsaturated and mono). Sea foods are high in healthy fats like omega 3 and 6 and are a good source of protein as well. Salmon is very good example of this.

    Nearly any fruit for a snack is better than “snacks” that you find in a vending machine, but avoid dried fruits, as the sugar content is more concentrated in them. Sugar spikes your system and then leaves you feeling hungry quicker when the spike wears off.

    Avoid process carbs as well like white breads, white rice, and any non-natural sugar.

    Another good snack in between meals are nuts and yogurt. Make a trail mix of your own with almonds, walnuts, and peanuts. Add raisins if you want a bit of sweetness to it. For yogurt, try to get plain and eat fresh fruit with it, but if you can’t get plain, at least go for the lite kind in your favorite flavor.

    Finally, eat a big breakfast (600 cal or so) with items mentioned. This will keep you going and recharge your still sleeping body/brain. Snack about 1-1 1/2 hours before lunch so you don’t gorge yourself. Do the same for dinner. 5-6 small meals a day should be the way to go.

    There are tons of details here that will make things much better depending on what your specific goal is, but this is a general diet that anyone can follow to be healthier. I hope it helps.

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