The Job Hunt is Over!!!

Today I shook hands with the CEO, CFO, and Vice President of Development at the USS Midway as we agreed upon a reasonable salary and a starting date of Wednesday, September 17th 🙂 I will be the Executive Assistant for the Development department (development = fund raising).

This job has the potential/probability of being the most unique office space that you have ever heard of. Rather than having a great view from being right next to the ocean, there is no view because it is in the ocean. My office is on a ship, floating in the San Diego Bay. The doors to get in are relatively small and oval shaped and I walk past jets and flight simulators on my way in. The door to where I work is actually able to close and seal out any water if it were ever to sink. Unlikely, but comical I think 🙂

This is the point of all the effort that goes on at the midway –> educating citizens about the history of American military services and just check out this kid in the picture that they have on the website, I hope I have as much fun as him as I go there everyday 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Job Hunt is Over!!!

  1. I thought I left a comment yesterday, but it looks like I did something wrong…Anyway. How did your first day go?? What are you in charge of? Do you work with nice people? I can’t wait to hear about it!!

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