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Getting a little doubtful in San Diego

Don’t get me wrong. I love this city enough that I am still very glad that I have moved here post-graduation. I am half relaxing half job searching, but even the relaxing isnt quite relaxing since I am always thinking about the job search. That is not the topic of discussion for this post however, because another issue needs to be addressed — it is Friday night and I am sitting in front of the television watching multiple episodes of “What Not To Wear” due to lack of much social life.

I have been out with friends a few times but nothing too consistent since they are either in town for short trips or live just a little to far away to do things with more often. Plus there is something to be said for meeting new people 🙂 So the question is here — what things would you advise that I try?

San Diego was on the list of Best of Citysearch 2008 as a great place for singles, but as you’ll notice on the site, they are all bars, not the type of place/people I’m too interested in. There have to be other places to go, it just seems like you can’t do anything alone these days without seeming too strange?

I am excited to go to the single’s branch here on Sunday and get involved with church stuff. I haven’t officially been to the branch yet but I already got a calling this week 🙂 Once I go, I should find some people there that I click with. This brings up another thing – Im not a big fan of the weekly volleyball socials or that kind of thing, nor can you meet people very well at dances … I need to find a niche somewhere in between.

So I need some encouragement and/or ideas of how to be social when I am starting out on my own – no automatic wing woman to help me out. Luckily I am very confident in who I am and I dont mind doing things on my own so I’m not too lonely or anything, but I do want to have a game plan before that even gets close to happening 🙂


5 thoughts on “Getting a little doubtful in San Diego

  1. That picture you posted prompted me to say, “Learn golf!” Pick up golf, or tennis or something. You’ll meet people on the course or at the range. Of course, to get into that, you need a job so that you have money to get the equipment. More people in your family need to take up golf so that we have something to do when we visit or you visit us.

  2. You poor, sad, sad girl. Go to FHE. Do they have that at the Singles ward. i always like that the best when I was single. And lots of activities. The SDSU ward was my favorite for activities. One summer I went to the Pomorado Ward and joined the choir. We sang “The Garden.” We would have practices and pool parties with that ward. I met a lot of nice people there. You are right about the wing women though. I always went with Holley Burrows. Good Luck Tammy. I love you.

  3. How was church today? Are you attending the Black Mountain Branch, or a different one? What is your new calling? That’s always a good way to meet people.

  4. Sunday was actually tough. Surprisingly there aren’t too many people still around that I knew before, but there are a few. I’ve just got to learn to be tough. It is hard to go to church by myself and knowing only a small handful of people, I never thought it would be but it is. I have to go to church now though 🙂 My records aren’t even here yet and they have asked me to be a Sunday school teacher (shows you how desperate they are in this branch if im not even officially in the branch yet, ha!)

    A guy did ask me for my phone number though and called me last night asking me to go rock climbing with him this morning, but I chickened out since he wasn’t just talking about a rock climbing gym but a cliff somewhere an hour away. No thanks, yikes. Maybe someday when I am more mentally prepared 🙂

    FHE is tonight so I’ll head over and try to meet some people.

  5. You just spent four years at the greatest machine of mormon coupling. Now it will get challenging. What I discovered in marrying your sister is that it is probably not by our design or as we imagine it should happen when finding your eternal companion. Put yourself in the places where those kind of persons most likely frequent, and, it will happen.

    However, more importantly, San Diego is the only place to be! I would sacrifice everything I have, with the exception of my wife and kids, to live in that city. Of course, there are no banks that I know of that are chomping at the bit to give a cop a half a million dollar mortgage. And, there is no way in heck my wife will live in an apartment.

    Funny observation – You said yourself that you have to learn to be tough, then you end your post by saying how scary rock climbing would be. It’s really rather harmless and definitely a good scenario in which to get to know a guy. Hang in there. (no pun intended!)

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