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Staying Classy in San Diego

I was going to wait until I had more news before I updated the blog, but then I realized this morning that I might be in this transition state for a little longer than anticipated, which is news.

We started home on Sunday but then ran into some bad traffic just before we hit Primm, Nevada (stateline between Nevada and California so the one freeway feeds to all of South/West CA) so we pulled over and got a room at Buffalo Bills for the night.

Funny Side Note: Most hotels go for a luxury feel, and those that are too low-priced to achieve this at least try. Buffalo Bills is far from even attempting this 🙂 The rooms are fine and all, but the overall theme of western-ness is so great, with the inside of the casino so western there are even dummies dressed up as cowboys up on a fake balcony above. I’ll continue going there for the rest of my life for the hilarity of it 🙂 At times I even felt like I was going to Mexico since most of the people I spoke with had a Spanish accent, so I just gave up with the English and went with the Spanish – it did get me better service at La Salsa after all 🙂 Anyway, everyone should put this hotel on their list of places to say and be willing to laugh a lot. For heavens sakes, they have a pool shaped like a buffalo and the jacuzzi is right below its back end … yeah, awesome.

So I’ve been back home for almost 3 days.

  1. Unpacking really is no fun. I have considered going through all my stuff and getting rid of a majority of it. I don’t know how I accumulated it all. Though most is very useful so I dont want to part with it, I will be doing some major sorting and assessment.
  2. Job hunting is no fun. But it can be fun-ny 🙂 I started yesterday by going 15 miles over to downtown La Jolla where there are a lot of galleries, art shops, and a few museums. I’m still really hoping for the contemporary art museum over there, that would be so perfect I cant even express it, but I need to be ready to accept the imperfection if that job doesnt come through. I still think I would be great at it and that they really should hire me to start next week (which I am still going to try really really hard for). But I need to start looking at other places too so I am officially hunting.
  3. There is a lot of emotion in this post-graduation but still single stage. I’ll just leave it at that 🙂 I get tired of all of those people whining about being single and how guys suck. I don’t believe that, and I even like being single a lot of the time, it just is an interesting thing to adjust to being done with college without a set plan.
  4. I’ve also decided to marry Michael Phelps. This would take care of the previous three points. Someone else would unpack for me in our big new house in La Jolla, where I could volunteer at the museum when I want to but not have a need to get a job, then I wouldn’t be single post-graduation and I would have a life plan which includes enough money and travel plans for motivational speeches, etc. Problems solved. Jayne, now you need to find him over there in Baltimore and just send him my way 🙂


4 thoughts on “Staying Classy in San Diego

  1. Michael Phelps would be perfect! He’s so nice, I’m sure that it would be so easy to convert him too!!

  2. Ha! I told Aaron that once and he said it was the Tad Hamilton complex 🙂 Remember near the beginning of the movie? I just looked up the dialog, it goes like this 🙂

    – Cathy speaks to Rosalee. “Rosie, do you think that in real life Tad Hamilton is the man he seems to be on the screen?”

    Rosalee answers, still facing forward, “Absolutely. You just can’t fake that kind of thing.”

    Cathy continues, “What do you think Tad Hamilton is doing right now?

    Rosalee responds, “I’ll bet he’s in church!”

    Same with Phelps I bet 🙂

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