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I will soon be finishing up my 4 month stint at the MOA. Since it was summer I feel like this was slightly less productive than it could have been but it was still great experience at a museum working with the curator. I did a lot of research (Jenny Holzer, Marco Maggi, Byron Kim, etc. and still working on a project about Dan Steinhilber), and helped with some odds and ends with the great exhibition opening we had last week. It was so fun. You know you’ve picked the right path when #1 you still enjoy doing it when they aren’t paying you to do it, and #2 it makes you so giddy you can hardly contain yourself when you get to walk through that gallery entrance eager to discover the amazing things within.

One of the websites that I have a link to on the left column –> What White People Like, is a satirical commentary about middle class white people’s habits. Most of the time I find it comical but not always applicable to me, except this last post. What White People Like: Unpaid Internships. Especially right now, this one nails it on the head ๐Ÿ™‚ Slightly more satirical than true, but some points are hilarious.

Sometimes I wonder about my career path because while I love it, how much does it REALLY contribute to society? Sure I can justify it all I want that people like to look at art, etc, when actually only a small portion of society really enjoys contemporary art museums, and even then, many don’t go because they like it or, even more rare, understand it, but because it is a cool, artsy thing to do and it comes with the status of being cultured and elite. I really do feel that art is valuable to society, if creativity were suppressed … so many other things would boil over I think. I am currently reading the George Orwell’s novel 1984. I don’t know how I got through High School AND college without being assigned this book, so I decided to pick it up on my own. I would highly recommend it. Not because it is uplifting or full of plot twists and action but because it directs you in thinking critically about society and what it means to have freedom of expression, speech, thought, etc. While my chosen career path may not lead me to fame or fortune, I feel like I will be part of bringing some serious (and some not so serious) material to viewers and presenting it to them in such a way that evokes thought and analysis of their own lives. I wont be changing the masses, but provide a way for a few to see things in a new light. I love art and I really hope to successfully continue on that path.

Please keep me in your thoughts/prayers/cross your fingers for me, or however you can help – I’ve got two applications in to the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (also linked on the left ->) that I am REALLY hoping turn into something. I would do so well there, I hope they take a chance on a fresh graduate.

Featured Artists (in order of appearance):
Byron Kim Synechdoque
Robert Bladen X
Frank Stella
Joseph Kosuth One and Three Chairs
David Shrigley I’m Dead
— The first four artists have works similar to these shown at the BYU Museum of Art, the last is a display of a taxidermy kitten at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, clever huh ๐Ÿ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Internship

  1. Oh I love being a white person… Love that site! And love museums… I just went to the Boston MFA today with my mom! So much fun! They have a really cool exhibit right now by Antonio Lopez Garcia from Spain. It is so cool! I have been the the museum 7 times now (cause I get in for free!) and each time I am even more fascinated by his work (and others). Here is a link to some of the photos they have of his work.

    Click on tours.

    Tell me what you think!


  2. Tammy, your blog is SO interesting to read! And I need to stop because I’m at work…I was thoroughly entertained by your review of Batman. I haven’t seen it yet, for the reasons you stated at the beginning, but your review gives me some hope that I might be able to glean a good perspective on life out of it. Anyway, I’m glad your mom gave me your site…too fun! I don’t think my site comes up when I leave a comment…it’s if you are interested.

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