Ode to Banana Republic

As you may have seen in a previous post in May, on occasion, the quality retail store, Banana Republic, can come through with some great surprises.

So here’s to you Banana.

I hate the moments when you find a beautiful dress that you just cant justify spending $150 on but even more, I LOVE the moments when you find a beautiful, and modest dress, that once was originally $148 that has been marked down to $32. Even if it is a few sizes too large, a little more to alter it still comes out a better deal than some, plus then I get to have a little black SILK Banana dress.

Here’s to the great moments in life 🙂 Here’s to Banana Republic.

Plus, they sent me a $15 gift card for my birthday so that perfect silk dress? Yeah, only 17 bucks. Amazing. You just can’t beat that 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ode to Banana Republic

  1. AMEN!! Banana is the best… They have the world’s biggest Banana Republic out here and, by default, the world’s biggest sale department! So great… Too bad I don’t have any money whatsoever…

  2. I have that dress, but it’s printed! It’s brown and white and floral, and I wore it to my wedding luncheon and LOVED it. It’s a fabulous dress. Congratulations on getting such a deal.

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