Life Updates


It is flying by.

I am a week and a half into my new semester and 1/5 of the way through it. Before I know it, I will be lining up for them to call my name and hand me an empty diploma cover.

The new semester is going really well. I a taking three classes: Physical Science 100, Religion 333 [Teachings of the Living Prophets], and Spanish 448R [Spanish Literature of the 1927].

Physical Science is actually turning out to be really fun. I had put it off until my last possible semester because I’m an arts person, not a science person. I got a C in Biology 3+ years ago. Turns out I am a physics person too, beginning physics anyway, since I really like to learn how things work and it really does make sense as long as you put in the study time. The first test goes through next Monday but I think I’m just going to take it tomorrow – if I put in a little more study time to cover the few things I skipped, I’ve got this one in the bag. Favorite topic so far … probably the conservation of energy. Pretty cool.

The Religion class is pretty good. I like learning about what is going on today. Sometimes we talk about some controversial issues that I haven’t decided how I feel about yet so that can be a little weird, but overall, it is an easy class and pretty fun.

The Spanish class is good and bad. I am so excited because I understand so much and I am in a 400 level class (highest level for undergrads) that is combined with a 600 level graduate course. Therein lies the responsibility though. Everyone has to give a presentation. I am one of the few who are not a Spanish major (just a minor) and I am not native. Half the class are graduate students from Spain and I have to teach them about Surrealism and Salvador Dali on Monday. Estoy nerviosa. The last time I gave a Spanish presentation it was on Velazquez and it went pretty well until the end. I froze and just gave up and sat down. This time, my presentation has to be 15 minutes instead of just 5 . 15 minutes is a long time to stand in front of those people! Wish me luck.

Another annoying time factor. Waiting. I have applied for a job that I am trying not to get my hopes up for but it is too late. I REALLY would like this job. I have turned in my Cover Letter and Resume and now I just get to wait for their feedback. Everyone cross your fingers.

And finally, when the moment of graduation has passed and I have moved to San Diego, I will be taking a moment just to appreciate all that is my life.


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