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Deserts and Weddings

The quick break between spring and summer terms is over and school has started again. The break lasted only 4 days but I sure packed in the adventure 🙂 It was so exhausting I almost don’t want to write about it but for my personal records, and maybe some enjoyment to others, I feel obligated to write it down.

Wednesday 6/18:
Aced two finals, 99% on the first, 94% on the second

Thursday 6/19:
Woke up ready to leave on the road trip home. Forced myself to eat breakfast since I had a long day ahead. This turned out to be a bad idea since it all came back up in about 20 minutes, luckily we were running a little late. We finally left around 9am. Made it a ways then had to pull over so I wouldnt mess up the car. Other than these little stops, the trip was pretty fun. Listening to music, singing along, and chatting.

Around 2:45 the car broke down in the middle of the Mojave desert. Good thing I had started feeling better after icing myself down in Las Vegas, otherwise this would have become more miserable. We called AAA and waited for them to come tow us, they arrived at 3:45. Sitting on the side of the road was actually the most enjoyable part of the day since it was so bad it was funny. We made the best of it, soaking ourselves to keep cool, putting on tons of my face sunscreen on our arms, legs, faces, etc. so that we wouldnt get skin cancer out of this little adventure, and we even put some music on so we had a good time. We were towed the 25 miles to Baker, CA. This is the smallest, dumbest town on the face of the planet, I am pretty convinced. We were stuck there for hours and since I had no food in me and not too much water I started feeling like I was going to die. Long story short, hours later we ended up hitching along with another group of college age kids BACK to Las Vegas so that we could rent a car and go back home. It took 2 hours to get from Baker to Las Vegas in the tow truck and it was about then that I decided I was about to die. I started crying (to myself in the corner since there were 7 people in the truck, 5 of them male) and was trying to figure out how to break the news that they could just leave me on the side of the road to die. I called my parents trying to figure out if I should go to a hospital in Las Vegas but came to no conclusion. I got a bottle of water and started to calm down so we made it the rest of the way to Vegas. We took a Taxi to the airport where we got the rental and paid $11 for two bottles of Gatorade and a sandwich. I didnt even eat the sandwich and the first bottle of Gatorade came back up before we even left the city. I was able to fall asleep on the way back to San Diego for a while and we finally made it home around 1am. Longest, most miserable trip of my life, but so bad that it is now humorous. I was trying to figure out what I learned from the miserable experience. I could come up with a few things

1. Don’t drive old cars on road trips
2. Plan ahead for this sort of sickness to happen. Bring more than just one bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated and bring other things that will help you get easy nutrients without much chewing
3. Have good friends – Cynthia and Aaron were so wonderful and helped a ton
4. Pack ice, sunglasses, sunscreen, fans, etc. You never know if you might need them (luckily I had all 4 items)
5. Remember that no matter how bad you feel at the moment, you probably wont die

Friday 6/20:
I survived the day by drinking water and SlimFast shakes for calories. Today was the main reason why I went home: Alan and Allison’s wedding day. Debbie and I went down in the afternoon to help set up the reception hall and be there to receive the cake and the flowers. Went back home, got ready and went to the reception. It was fun to see the whole high school crew again and we went out afterward for drinks and food at TGIFriday’s. This was the first time I had eaten in 2 days, felt sooo good.

Saturday 6/21:
Spent some time with my family since my oldest sister and her family were in town. My 15 year old nephew is 6’2″! Ridiculous. It was so fun to play with them. They took off for a couple hours but I was trying to take it easy so I just stayed home. It was so hot since there was a weird heat wave so to keep cool I gave my cat a bath. She loved it – not, but she needed it. Practiced the piano for a while, that was fun, then they all got home and we got ready to go to the beach. Seriously, that is my favorite place in the whole world. We swam from about 5:30 until 8:30 and the water was perfect. The waves werent the best but it was so fun. There was a crazy rip tide so I got a great work out trying to swim against that and stay south since it was pushing way north. One gripe I have about my parents is that y dad always says he wants to move to Utah, but he never goes to the beach and realizes what a great place we live in in San Diego. Since all the grandkids were going, they tagged along and even wore their bathing suits. It was awesome and they had a blast. I really hope they start going to the beach more often and learn to appreciate the beauty that they are paying for to live there. Debbie promised me she’d go again on my birthday so I am excited for that 🙂 The few hours at the beach with my family made the entire crazy driving part worth it. I’d do that anyday.

Sunday 6/22:
I met up again with Cynthia and Aaron and we headed out at 9 am (later than I like to but whatever, it worked). We had an extra hour and a half added on while we waited in Baker for the mechanic to fix the last part of the car but then we headed off, me driving the mini-van and Aaron driving the rental car. Dropped that off in Las Vegas then continued on our way. We had a great time again singing and chatting the rest of the way, finally arriving at about 10:30 pm.

It was a short trip, but it was sure packed with adventure 🙂


One thought on “Deserts and Weddings

  1. so, crazy story… i came into work and my co-worker got stranded in Baker, CA like a day after you!!! The place is cursed!

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