Ok, so now what?

So in the last post I typed up my big realization this week. It was stuff that you learn in sunday school since you are 4 but it didn’t really hit me until this week. I didnt really comprehend somehow, and I still have a long way to go but this changes the perspective.

Now my question is, OK, so now what?? How does having a better understanding of my purpose change what I do day to day? It should change how I read scriptures, pray, etc. It should also affect how I treat other people and fulfill my church duties. But the big question boils down to … how does it affect how I see the material, non-spiritual aspects about life?? I still want to look good so I still take time to plan what I wear, do my hair and make-up, and I dont think that is bad because it is important to take care of ourselves and present ourselves well to others. A bigger question is about the even more materialistic parts … how does my understanding of the purpose of life affect me in wanting a new iPod (my old one has died about 12 times and I keep bringing it back to life) or wanting to get a new car, and one that I like the way it looks? If I was really humble I would say I can go without, or just get something old. But what about reliability, something that works better, and is there really something terribly bad about wanting nice things?? Some opinions here would be appreciated.


One thought on “Ok, so now what?

  1. so from a religious perspective we know that we wont take material things with us. if we put those things above our spiritual progress i think there is a problem. but, if it is something you can afford and you are building the Kingdom of God in the meantime, go for it! be sure to fufill your spiritual obligations and make sure that your life is still balanced. with that being said, there is plenty of room to have fun, and do or buy cool things while being completely unselfish! but that is completely my opinion.

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