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Home Again??

I was reading through Square magazine this morning while eating my Special K with Red Berries (product placement, SO good), and came across an article about the debate of living at home again or not. I am soon to be 22 and soon to be a college grad (man it feels good to say that, less than 2 months to go!) and heaven forbid, I am not married so I’ve got to plan my own near future. I have decided to take at least a year off (maybe 2, depending on all factors) then go to grad school so in the mean time I want to 1. Save money, 2. Find my bearings, 3. get a good job while studying for the GRE and working on grad applications, etc. etc. Anyway, in the magazine was an article about the pros and cons of returning home. Their spin on it felt like they were doing mostly cons and trying to convince people not to move home, or maybe they were just warning them of the things that might possibly be not quite so attractive about it. Here is the article, more of my commentary will follow:

Home Again?

Think twice before leaping back into your mother’s arms. Your perfect summer may depend on it.
By Andrew Fish

Moving home for the summer falls into a love it or dread it dichotomy. Returning to one’s native habitat is either be the most anticipated event of the year, or an event about as thrilling as a kick in the groin/child birth. Let us examine some of the pros and cons that must be considered when making such a monumental, life altering decision.

MONEY Financially, moving home is the cat’s pajamas. No rent, free food, and a break from Ramen and frozen chicken burgers. However, can a price truly be placed upon autonomy and freedom? That is debatable.

FRIENDS Many of us have left behind a plethora of people who eagerly await our return to the mother land. Facebook and Myspace accounts are constantly littered with their ecstatic “Can’t wait to see you! Only another month!” messages. However, have you actually been home since high school? While many of your old acquaintances have been busily holding down the fort at home, you have been in a new place, making new friends and big changes in your life. You may return home and find that your bff’s have become pyclwo’s—people you can live without. Such a realization is often disappointing.

JOB Many people have stellar jobs awaiting them back in the home town. Coupled with living in a rent free environment, going home for that dream landscaping job makes great fiscal sense. However, working 40 hours a week is a drag. It is much more difficult to maintain a fun summer social life when one must arise at the ungodly hour of 6 a.m.

QUALITY FAMILY TIME Waking up to a mom-cooked breakfast on a daily basis is indeed a quintessential ingredient to a happy summer at home. Family dinners are always a pleasant affair. Gathering around the sheepskin rug for family story time is never a dull soiree. However, quality time comes with a price. Can you handle a Spanish-esque inquisition from Mom and Dad upon returning home at 4 a.m.? Are you prepared to mow the lawn on a weekly basis? Perhaps a vacation with the family for a week or two is a more mentally-sound decision.

High school friendships were fun. Families are great. But when we grow up, we move out for a reason. What it all may boil down to is necessity vs. desire. Provo summers can be unbelievably fun. However, being broke as a joke throughout the school year is annoying to the max.

**** So over the next few days, I am going to come up with a LONG list of positives about why I am excited to go home this year and the good things that will come from it 🙂 Please comment with any you may have to add.

1. Free Rent (this definitely deserves 1st place)
2. Free-ish Food (though I do plan to contribute to this pool)
3. Higher paying jobs in San Diego, hopefully
5. NO SNOW (these two could rival the 1st and second positions on here)
6. I actually really like my parents and am excited to learn more from them before I go further off in the world
7. My parents aren’t the controlling type. I am an adult so I don’t have a curfew. I understand them being worried about me, but beyond that, they don’t mind. Last time I stayed out past 4am they called to make sure I was ok then didn’t mention it again when I got home at 6:30am. (thank you cell phones)
8. getting myself on my feet since I am graduating pretty penniless 🙂 (Thank you internship = unpaid employment)
9. I get to help my parents around the house in my futile efforts to pay them back for all they have done for me, at least it will show my extreme appreciation
10. I really should regulate my sleeping schedule anyway. If I just live with the parents, I will hopefully stop staying up late on a regular basis.
11. I get to refer to myself with a cool term I just learned. A “Boomeranger
12. Some claim that it is even the most responsible option
more to come later, I have to go study for my finals (which are tomorrow, ugh)


3 thoughts on “Home Again??

  1. I don’t know if you’re going to be on your own for meals or not, but one of my favorite things about being home is not taking care of dinner. I just show up in the kitchen and sort of help out, or not, and just come eat. It’s like being a little kid again.

    I’m glad you’re listing the reasons you’re excited. I love moving home, and I always hated it when people made me feel dumb for being excited to move home for the summer.

  2. So Tammy, if you are taking a hiatus, are you going to come out to visit us one more time and see some sites and niece and nephew? October is probably the best time. Then you could be here for good weather and my marathon!

  3. Well said. There is a good possibility that moving home to San Diego would be a much more exciting adventure than moving home to Nephi, my native village.

    I suppose I wrote this article a bit biased towards not moving home, as I did once for two weeks and almost went nuts. (nothing against my family, they are wonderful, i just felt cloistered and super lonely)

    i hope your move home has been spectacular thus far

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