2 Big Things

Two big events happened on this beautiful father’s day, neither of them directly related to my father, but both indirectly 🙂

#1: I have written my cover letter and resume for my first post-graduate job application. I feel confident, maybe overconfident, that my resume and cover letter are great and if they can wait the two months until I move to San Diego, I could do this! It is for the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego Database Coordinator. I emailed the woman at human resources and she says they are hoping to fill the position as soon as possible so we’ll see if they even consider me, I’ve got all of my fingers and toes crossed in anticipation …..

#2: For a couple months now I have had some really huge gospel questions and have been wondering but not searching too hard, I just hoped that the answer would fall in my lap. I have started studying it a little more, as well as talking with other people about my questions, and today, I got a big answer, not 100%, but a significant portion of the puzzle. I started to study and it then kind of fell in my lap. Funny how the Lord often makes you wait for something until you really prove that you want to know it, enough to put forth some effort to find your answer.
Here is how my study went this afternoon:

Why did we really need to come to earth and get a body?

‘And they who keep their first estate [that is, to be obedient in the premortal existence] shall be added upon; . . . and they who keep their second estate [that is, to be obedient during mortal life] shall have glory added upon their heads for ever and ever’ [Abraham 3:24–26]. . . .

” . . . You were taught and prepared for the circumstances you would personally encounter in mortality. . . . Your memory of premortal life would be kept from you to assure that it would be a valid test…” (“Truth Restored,Liahona and Ensign, Nov. 2005, 78–79).

When I have been asking why cant we just be spiritual beings, not physical beings, why do we need to have bodies at all? All of those ideas are answer with “because we already did that part!” we had to prove ourselves as just spirits (in the existance we had as created spirits before we were born to our physical bodies) to come to the next level, the physical, so that we would be added another hardship to overcome and really prove ourselves capable. What do most of our temptations involve these days? Physical ones …

o immorality

o Word of Wisdom [drinking, smoking, etc.]

o even eating and sleeping too much and not organizing our time with what we DO with our bodies, taking care of ourselves physically, motivating ourselves for exercise, etc.

we have to have the physical aspects of ordinances because somehow, that is really what the main test is about.

What is it about something physical that is SO important?

I still don’t quite get why it is that that is the part that was chosen, but it was, and it really works as a second test, so why not?

funny side note, I was sitting waiting for a play to start the other day, and there were so many kids there bouncing around. I was thinking about it though and a new idea came to me. We came to this earth to gain bodies, just being spirits for so long and having to get used to our new bodies. Maybe this is why kids are so crazy, they bounce around, experiment with their vocal cords with all the different noises they can make, etc. As we get older, we progressively learn how to control our bodies and emotions. Everything is a progression, from pre-mortal life, through all the different stages of mortal life, and then beyond. That was a really cool thought and maybe it will help in my lack of enthusiasm for having kids. I need to be a mom to help train the other souls that are coming along to earth to go through the test of life, as I work on improving myself, part of which I am sure is selflessness. Awesome!

Anyway, it was a big step in the direction I need to go and I now feel like my understanding of my purpose and goals while I am here. It may sound slightly strange, but doesnt it just feel like there is some truth to that? I really think there is and it gives me a new and improved motivation to follow the commandments and teachings that I have learned. Man, this feels so good to feel like I am really aligning myself to the right path and line of thinking that I should have.

And a shout out to the Dad, he has been my editor for my resume all day even though it is his special day since we want to submit this by tomorrow morning. Also, he raised me well, being a great example of faith. Even though I didnt know or understand what I was looking for, his faith has shown me to keep trying and not give up on God just because something didnt show up right away. Thanks Dad.

Oh and I watched the movie “Mountain of the Lord” tonight with a few friends, BEST movie ever, I think it is officially my favorite movie. I havent watched it for probably over 10 years and I was so excited, it was fantastic.


3 thoughts on “2 Big Things

  1. Congrats Tammy!!! That is so awesome that you are doing your resume! I also think that you are amazing for putting so much effort into seeking your own answers. That says so much about your character. You’re amazing! Good luck with the jobs! ps. you HAVE to tell me about Regents Secret. Im so curious! xoxo

  2. Thanks Emily 🙂 I usually don’t study church stuff as in depth as I should so that’s why I was extra excited 🙂 I’ll send you an invite to check out Regent’s Secret, it is designer stuff, usually clothes, that is way marked down. I found a cute pair of pants, normally $150, for $20. (I didnt buy them, but I almost did!) And the daily obsession is another good site 🙂

  3. AWESOME insight! You are so wonderful Tammy! I hope you get that sweet job at the Museum in San Diego! You will rock it!

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