Best Purchase of 2008

Yesterday we had some time to kill between wedding activities so we wandered through Banana Republic down at UTC in La Jolla. We looked around for about 20 minutes, mostly wishing we had more money so that we could drop $100 on the sunglasses that looked SO good or $60 on the new giraffe print blouse (giraffe is all their rage this month and Im a big fan) but surprise in the back of the store when they had a pair of jeans in my size on the sale rack! Originally a pair of $89 Urban Flared Leg jeans, on sale to $69, then to $54, then to $26, and I had a $10 off promotional gift card so I got the most awesome jeans for $18, including tax, that’s cheaper than you can get jeans at really cheap places. This just goes to show you that you can find really nice clothes for a great price if your are patient and willing to hunt (and have a strong resolve NOT to splurge when you can’t find a deal like this). Anyway, I was just so excited, I had to share 🙂 Now I can wear jeans to my museum internship and not feel under-dressed, yay!


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