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My first blogging pose …

In a couple years a contemporary portrait show will probably go up in the MOA which has been divided into three sections of portraiture: 1. Inherited/Societally learned identity, 2. Self-projected/peer influenced identity (mostly teenage), and 3. True inherent identity. Interestingly there will be some ‘portraits’ in the second portion that are profile pictures from facebook/myspace and there will be a kind of study about our cyber-identity and how closely it has become tied to our real perceived identity. Friendships aren’t truly solidified until they are ‘confirmed’ on facebook, same with relationship status. My facebook has to ask your facebook to be in a relationship and your facebook has to accept, and once that is established, it’s a pretty big deal… lame? Interesting perhaps.

A contemporary artist who had become probably my favorite, Marco Maggi, has works that can be read as an eerie echo of a post apocalyptic ruin of contemporary society, all that remains are stacks and stacks of white computer paper (9/11 – business battlefield?). Another way to read his work is a commentary on our now OVER abundance of readily available information due to the internet, and with this comes the endless rantings of what I am now participating in … blogging. There is so much out there is any of it even worth while?

This is just analysis for analysis sake, blogging does have its purpose: to update friends and family about my current events and since I will be graduating in 3 months I figure I’ll start this now so that when I become more distanced from friends we can keep tabs. I can’t decide if this is narcissistic or not to use this site so this is also an experiment. Comment below if you’ll read future posts and keep up with this …

Love, Tammy


4 thoughts on “My first blogging pose …

  1. Hi Tammy! I will most definitely read your blog–if you’ll read mine. 🙂 Just kidding, I’ll read it anyway. But you can find our blog at


  2. Already bookmarked your blog. I love reading what you write. I talk to a two year old all day. Reading your blog makes me feel smarter.

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